February 1, 1938

Shots and Angles 4243

Shots and Angles

STAGE DOOR," the Ferber-Kaufman stage success, was, in its original form, a bitter attack on Hollywood. Hollywood, which never lets its hurt feelings interfere with business, promptly bought it and rewrote it brilliantly for the screen, leaving out the insults.
A Brief for the Dominion 23
Maclean's Editorials

A Brief for the Dominion

WE HOPE that Premier Duplessis of Quebec and Premier Hepburn of Ontario are served by a good press clipping bureau. If so, they know by this time what the Canadian viewpoint is concerning the former’s proclamation of sectionalism and the latter’s petulant outburst against the Prime Minister of the Dominion.
In Fewer Words 4243
Wit and Wisdom

In Fewer Words

For Men Only-Firemen can dress and turn out in less than thirty seconds. This is one of the jobs that women are not likely to crash into.—Regina Leader-Post. Old But Still Good—We don’t need men with new ideas so much as we need men who will put energy behind the old ideas that are practical.
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle 3637
Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

Maclean's Crossword Puzzle

1. A whistling rodent, common in the mountains. 6. One of our loveliest national parks. 10. Trench dug for drainage. 11. Top part of a door-frame. '12. Distilled and fermented grape juice. 13. A slow-moving South American quadruped. 14. Costume.
Men and Fish 1819

Men and Fish

Scenes from the lives of the hardy Nova Scotians who draw their living from the sea
They’re the Navy 1415

They’re the Navy

How do you get into navy?— What do you do when get there? —A close-up of the Dominion's least known defense service
The 7th Day 1617

The 7th Day

In which a shot in the dark goes wide and a blackmailer’s thrust strikes close to the mark

The Question Mark 45

The Question Mark

The story of the Crooked Crook, the telltale ticket and the girl who was: "frightfully interested in crime"


SASKATCHEWAN, and its condition of unprecedented drought, are attracting a good deal of attention throughout the whose of the Dominion of Canada. Two magazines, Chalelaine in its November issue, and Maclean's in its issue of November 1, publish articles with respect to Saskatchewan.
Harbor of Silence 89

Harbor of Silence

A glimpse of one of the strangest communities in Canada—Oka, a refuge where friars make cheese and no man speaks to his neighbor
ALARM, Inc. 1011


Demonstrating that it pays to be alarming —but not to the wrong people
The Price of Public Service 89
Beverley Baxter's LONDON LETTER

The Price of Public Service

ONE SUNDAY recently I drove in from the country to the Foreign Office to attend a conference with Anthony Eden. Downing Street, which not only houses the Premier but supplies the entrance to the Foreign Office, is impressive enough at any time, but on a misty winter late afternoon its sombre quiet suggests that, deep in the frozen earth, strange and incalculable forces are moving.


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