January 1, 1939

Treeholme House 1617

Treeholme House

In which a mystery deepens and dread of a Death which stalks in silence seixes the beleaguered Gaunt household


A story of the sea, of men and ships, and the courage that passeth understanding

The Roped Slalom 23

The Roped Slalom

Ski Week at Petit Pierre and Mr. Bones Martell in the throes of a bad case of girl trouble

A New Job for Tim 89

A New Job for Tim

So Red Galvin wanted both his job and his daughter, did he! Old Tim Corkery would show ‘em — and show them, he did
Mink Farm 1011

Mink Farm

7,000 mink pelts, worth $100,000, are the year's harvest of one modern fur-growing establishment


What Is Truth in Germany?
Youth Salvage 1415

Youth Salvage

He studied to be a parson but became a cop instead! Result-Vancouver's "gangs" became The Junior G-Men
What's Wrong With Parliament? 67

What's Wrong With Parliament?

The local candidate system is flaw, says the writer. He’d supplant it with men trained in the art of government
Hockey Export 67

Hockey Export

It's still a million-dollar-a-year business, but foreign countries are beginning to develop their own players
Quiz 1415


If you can make the grade on this one you belong at the head of the class
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