February 1, 1941

The Great ENRICO 1011

The Great ENRICO

IT MADE Power uncomfortable. But that was because he knew too much about the background. How Hank House, who called himself for theatrical purposes. The Great Enrico, had snatched Rita Tallant out of these aristocratic Pine Avenue purlieus.
Wit and Wisdom 4647

Wit and Wisdom

In Fewer Words
Parade 4849


UNLIKE some communities we wot of, Vancouver isn’t the least bit touchy about its chief meteorological eccentricity, fog. Instead, the Vancouverites have fun in their fogs. 

This Is Something You Can't "Leave to George” 0_21

This Is Something You Can't "Leave to George”

A MACLEAN PUBLISHING COMPANY staff editor, Ronald A. McEachern, has been making an extensive tour of the countries of South America. In one of his dispatches he tells of visiting the largest Canadian community in that continent. At Talara, in the Peruvian desert, there are more than 150 Canadian men, women and children.
This Is Kingston 1819

This Is Kingston

The story of Kingston, Ontario, is one of old forts and early government adventures, of smart soldier-men crowding her streets then and now — of Industry In peace, vigor in war
In the Editor’s Confidence 23
In the Editor’s Confidence

In the Editor’s Confidence

YEARS AND years ago we toured Western Canada with a theatrical company. Whether the place (and the audience) was large or small, the manager of the troupe never failed to spring his nightly joke. He would poke his head round the dressing room door and whisper: “Psst-the Schuberts are in front tonight.” This was a quip employed by all show managers. Probably it still is.
Stay Where You Belong 1617

Stay Where You Belong

He threw an apple through a window—Thus began a romance that really became a smash when She threw an apple through a window
A Democracy Speaks 89

A Democracy Speaks

The author of “ Canada, America’s Problem “ analyzes the significance of Roosevelt’s latest aid-for-Britain moves
War Oddities 4041
War Oddities

War Oddities

Two Dollars will be paid for each War Oddity accepted and published in this column. Address contributions to War Oddities, Maclean’s Magazine 481 University Ave., Toronto. Source of the information must be given.
The Turning Point 1415

The Turning Point

Says this writer : It is now well within the bounds of likelihood that Italy may be knocked clean out of the war
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