January 1, 1947

Play It Square 1011

Play It Square

Only two people knew what that game meant to Tucker— the girl who loved him and the boy who would take his job

That Boy of Ed's 1617

That Boy of Ed's

Here’s the heart-warming story of a couple who longed for a son, and a tough kid who wanted a dog of his own

Are We Heading for a Slump? 67

Are We Heading for a Slump?

We’ve been living in a postwar boom—just as in 1920. But the slump signs are out again, too

Atomic World 1819

Atomic World

Nuclear scientists have given us the Bomb. Now they are reaching for the answer to life itself
Why Teachers Quit 89

Why Teachers Quit

We pay more to mold castings than character. The Little Red School-house is a sweatshop


Mr. Eaton gives his mail-order book away free, but it brings the Big Store $55 millions a year
Man in the Middle 1213

Man in the Middle

In the field of high-power publicity, Walter Thompson is a quiet, unhucksterish huckster who never cooked a deal to sell a story
Duffy's Archie 1819

Duffy's Archie

Duffy is just a pigment of Archie's imagination, and Archie was an accident. But have you met Ed Gardner?
How's Your Voice? 1213

How's Your Voice?

You don't have to talk like a rasping buzz saw or a screech owl. How your voice sounds is up to you


Handwriting On a Quebec Wall
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