September 1, 1949

The Wind in the Juniper 2829

The Wind in the Juniper

FORESTER woke slowly. For a while he lay there, trying to identify this new feeling. A thing that was not new, really, hut the return of something known long ago and lost in time— but with a difference he couldn’t yet define. The sense he had was that of coming back from sleep to the knowledge of earned leisure.


SUNDAY is the day I have my stock answer ready, so when the footsteps coming along the dock stopped and a voice said, “Hi, Pop. Whadda you know?” I was ready for it. Not that I have anything against bandying pleasantries, but week ends there just isn’t time for it.
Beads to Billions: The Story of the H. B. C. 1819

Beads to Billions: The Story of the H. B. C.

Big men and big deeds mark the stormy history of the Bay Company which has thrived on conflict. It has survived wars, exposes, cut-throat competition, booms and busts
George Young, Yesterday’s Hero 2627

George Young, Yesterday’s Hero

At 17 Canada’s boy wonder swam his way into a fame that tore his life to shreds. Once offered a $250,000 movie contract, now he hasn’t got a dime — only a hidden heartache.



Idon’t think there was ever another school, anywhere, like that one in the tiny village of Dalhousie West, N.S., around 1916. I don’t mean it was one of those quaint affairs that writers dream up who wouldn’t know a pollywog’s nest from a tapioca pudding; and we weren’t the proverbial barefoot boy, whistling as if he’d swallowed a bobolink.
A Bush Wife’s Life for Me 2425

A Bush Wife’s Life for Me

Women in the wilds get treated like duchesses by the grizzled guys of the mining camps, but there's no movie on the corner
Ten Ways to Save Money on Clothes 3031

Ten Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Take an expert’s advice along when you buy that fall outfit. You can make your dollars go farther and still be well dressed.
How to Save Your Husband’s Life 2223

How to Save Your Husband’s Life

HAVE YOU ever entered the lobby of a large hotel in a large city in the evening? Have you noticed the women sitting about in the comfortable lounge chairs? You will notice that most of them are in the middle years, well-dressed and well-groomed, there are lines of disappointment and worry showing through the fastidious make-up, and they are alone.
The Land of Black and White 3233

The Land of Black and White

ANERLEY, Natal I can understand that many Canadians are puzzled and disturbed by what they hear about South Africa. It is my aim here to explain ourselves, to tell sufficient of our past history to explain our present, and to take a peep into the future.
Ivy in the Ruins - On the Beach, a Bitter Ghost 67

Ivy in the Ruins - On the Beach, a Bitter Ghost

CAEN, France—It was early afternoon of a beautiful summer’s day. At low tide a spa, cious stretch of beach sloped from the yawning mouth of a broken German pillbox to where little waves from a placid sea ran onto the sand and gracefully collapsed.
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