February 16, 1957

The challenge of SOVIET education 1011

The challenge of SOVIET education

The Soviet system is now turning out engineers, scientists, teachers, craftsmen, economists and farm experts faster than Western education can. How is it done? Here’s an expert’s report on a little-understood aspect of the world crisis
These little-known fables reflect the heart of Hungary 2021

These little-known fables reflect the heart of Hungary



Parade 7273


Is the dog really man’s best friend?
How the crisis saved our family 2223

How the crisis saved our family

My home used to be in Budapest, in Hungary, but for almost two years now I have lived and worked as a pastry cook in Toronto. Last fall, during the Hungarian uprising, I left my new home and my job and my wife and went back to that troubled land. The reason was simple: my fifteen-year-old son Istvan, or Steve, was still there and I wanted him to be free.
A fete that paid a debt in Hungary 7071
My most memorable meal: No. 15

A fete that paid a debt in Hungary

With a Montreal friend, Bart Morgan, I was touring Europe by motorcycle in the spring of 1933 when the driving chain broke and our vehicle stuttered to a stop in a small village on the edge of the Badacsony wine district in Hungary. A crowd gathered but we knew not a word of Magyar, which was all they spoke.
Maclean’s Movies 2627
Maclean’s Movies

Maclean’s Movies

Anastasia: Ingrid Bergman’s first “Hollywood" picture in seven years was actually filmed in Europe under Hollywood auspices, but it should speed her triumphal return to the American movie capital. The Swedish actress gives an Oscar-worthy performance in the role of a mystery woman who may or may not be the surviving daughter of the slaughtered Czar of Russia, and her transformation from drabness to splendor is exciting to behold.
Some thoughts about us and our new neighbors 23

Some thoughts about us and our new neighbors

As these lines are written the bloom has already begun to wear off the romance between the people of Hungary and the people of the Western democracies. Driven to distraction by red tape, bad food, bad housing and other disappointed hopes, a small number of Hungarian refugees in Austria.
CRISIS/1957 67


Since man began recording and reflecting on his own history, he has entered on perhaps a dozen climbs and descents so steep and so unknown to his earlier experience that he has had to invent new names for them. He calls them ages or eras, never knowing for certain when they have arrived or what their consequences will be.
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