October 25, 1958

The rise and fall of Dawson City 3233

The rise and fall of Dawson City

There was nothing like it north of San Francisco's Barbary Coast. Fools, knaves, a sprinkling of heroes and one saint— Dawson City swelled with their thousands through two fevered years. Then came the flames
A new look at the future of man 1617

A new look at the future of man

One hundred years ago a plump monk, Johann Gregor Mendel, studied the growth of successive generations of pea plants in the quiet garden of his monastery in Brünn, Austria. That was the peaceful beginning of modern genetics — the science that deals with heredity and variation among living things.


Observing with a piercing eye, and recording with a whetted pen. the struggle of his nation to forge an identity of its very own has been the lifetime task of Arthur Reginald Marsden Lower. As Douglas Professor of Canadian History at Queen's University, he has had the perfect seat from which to view the struggle, and his several books record his findings.
Roy Thomson’s invasion of Scotland 3031

Roy Thomson’s invasion of Scotland

At a speed that shocks the cautious Scots, this transplanted Canadian has revitalized their shaky national newspaper, taken charge of commercial television and become as well known as Johnnie Walker
The Oscar Petersons 2425

The Oscar Petersons

In this first of a new series of intimate interviews, a brilliant woman reporter calls on a renowned jazz pianist and his family — and discovers what life’s like in the home of a globe-trotting celebrity whose hours are upside-down
How much is an Englishman worth? 2829

How much is an Englishman worth?

At first James didn’t believe in bandits— but they believed in him. Wasn’t the señor a writer who made much money? So as their prisoner, all he had to do was prove it
A TV repairman talks back 2021

A TV repairman talks back

Kids kick him. Men cuss him. Women throw crying jags at him. He’s a hum when the set won’t work and a bandit when he collects for fixing it. But never, until this moment, has he told the blistering truth as only he knows it
My week on the Grand Banks 2627

My week on the Grand Banks

The trawler Blue Foam, seven days out of St. John's, Newfoundland, rode low in the rough seas over the Grand Bank. As she dipped to port to meet the next assault a big wave curved, smooth as jade, over the rail. "That’s what I like to see,” grinned Captain Archie Thornhill, watching from the wheel-house.
Why I won’t push my children into college 1011
For the sake of argument

Why I won’t push my children into college

Neither of my children wants to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, teacher or atomic scientist, which is all right with me. It’s also all right with them that I’m not going to insist that they go to university, merely to satisfy my ego or from a vicarious urge to make up for my own lack of a college education.
Has TV passed its peak? 1415

Has TV passed its peak?

Everyone knows that during the summer months there is normally a seasonal lull on the stock exchange. In brokers’ offices, whether they be in London, New York or Toronto, staff members play gin rummy to fill in the dreary hours until closing time when they are off like a shot to the seaside or the golf course.
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