August 1, 1976



The Americans landed on Mars and an earthquake flattened Tangshan. There were riots in South Africa, murders in Northern Ireland, carnage in Lebanon. Pitcher Randy Jones won his eighteenth game and Jerry Pate captured the Canadian Open.
Making money in Moscow 5859

Making money in Moscow

Only traces of an accent betrayed the fact that the businessman, now in his early fifties, was born in Eastern Europe, which he left at the outbreak of the Second World War. He is as fiercely dedicated to the profit motive and capitalism as any man you might meet, but he has made his career flying back and forth over the Iron Curtain, representing British, Canadian, Italian and American companies.
The forgotten man 2223

The forgotten man

Paul Martin was one of the great Canadians of his time. He might even have been Prime Minister — if he hadn’t wanted it so much
Last tango in England 4647

Last tango in England

The Ruling Class is scrubbing its own pools these days, and opening its stately homes to any commoner with 50 pence. All with a stiff upper lip, of course
Interview With Senator Walter Mondale 45

Interview With Senator Walter Mondale

Jimmy Carter's first decision after receiving the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidency was to name Senator Walter F. Mondale of Minnesota as his vice-presidential running mate. Of Scandinavian background and a devout advocate of the Protestant Ethic, Mondale’s politics represent the small-town attitude of reform through incremental compromises rather than any solitary championing of ill-fated great causes.
The morning after the night before 1415

The morning after the night before

The army security officer sat at a vantage point high in Montreal’s Centre Maisonneuve, scanning the crowd below with his binoculars. After protests from a Soviet official, the hunt was on for a person brandishing a sign during Olympic wrestling competitions which, translated from the cyrillic, read:
Letters 88a


A few of the reasons why them that has—like Bechtel—gets
Why are fewer people goin’ down the road? Behold the new Halifax! 6263

Why are fewer people goin’ down the road? Behold the new Halifax!

For years, when they thought about the place at all, Canadians (other than Nova Scotians) tended to regard Halifax as a dowdy garrison town that only came to life in wartime. Hugh MacLennan’s Barometer Rising and Thomas H. Raddall’s Halifax:
Doing it up royally 1819

Doing it up royally

They had been standing there in the sun for a couple of hours, the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, Moncton chapter. They had trooped over to Chatham in northern New Brunswick because the Queen was to sign the town guest book and walk in the park among what the protocol people call “Patriotic Groups.”
Journey to the stars, part two: The Martian Chronicles 6464a

Journey to the stars, part two: The Martian Chronicles

Seven years after the first Apollo landing (“. . . a giant leap for mankind”) and Star Trek (“. . . to boldly go where no man has gone before”) went into reruns, earthlings had become a trifle jaded about space. After all, Alan Shepard had already played golf on the moon and Captain Kirk had trekked through the galaxy, fighting Klingons and necking with spacebunnies.
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