November 1, 1976

Day of the gopher 4243

Day of the gopher

For Arcola, Saskatchewan, ‘Who Has Seen The Wind’ is the best thing that’s happened since the 26-bed hospital
The new Number Two 2627

The new Number Two

Pierre Trudeau knew only one man could save him. Reluctantly, Allan MacEachen took on the job
Saturday Night Whiz 40b40c

Saturday Night Whiz

Last year Lorne Michaels was all that stood between NBC and disaster— but what has he done for them lately?
Interview 45


From November, 1971 to January, 1973, C. Jackson Grayson Jr. was chairman of the Price Commission under the U.S. wage and price controls program. In 1972, the only full year during which mandatory controls were in effect, the consumer price index rose by only 3.2%—the rise has been double and sometimes triple that rate since—but Grayson believes, nevertheless, that the controls were a mistake, and his experience in Washington sent him back to his home in Dallas to write a book, Confessions Of A Price Controller, and to found the American Productivity Centre.
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Your Preview item concerning the government’s failure to introduce reforms to the Narcotic Control Act in the House of Commons (September 20), while of great interest, misses the point. The continuing reluctance of the government to have this very important legislation passed is a matter of great regret, but the real victims are those who are charged with importation of cannabis, trafficking in cannabis, or having possession of cannabis for the purposes of trafficking, and not those who are charged with the simple possession of the stuff.
A terminal failure to communicate? 1819

A terminal failure to communicate?

On a cool, overcast October day, Pierre Trudeau was unveiling a statue of Louis St. Laurent. In a short speech, the PM remarked of the man who was the last French Canadian to lead the country before Trudeau himself: “The unpredictability, the impassioned debate, and the frustrations that mark political life could not have been attractive to this man of order and reason, and of measured, regular habits.
The welcome wagon 40n40o

The welcome wagon

The Foreign Investment Review Agency was supposed to call a halt to the selling of the country. Instead it has become one of the better salesmen
Is Bourassa really campaigning to keep the French language in, or get English people out? 1415

Is Bourassa really campaigning to keep the French language in, or get English people out?

During the Canada Cup hockey series, the same edition of the Montreal Gazette that reported that French had been booed in Maple Leaf Gardens carried another banner headline: NOT TWO SOLITUDES, TWO HOSTILITIES—René Lévesque. I have never met Lévesque outside a television screen but I’m sure I’d like him.
Après Tito, le déluge? 5859
The World

Après Tito, le déluge?

In the sultry heat of a late summer night, the sounds of a violent struggle erupted from a room in Bucharest’s Hotel Dorobanti, located near the bustling centre of the Romanian capital. A Yugoslav guest appeared soon after in the lobby, paid his bill and disappeared into the Balkan darkness.
The Word in Ottawa is'Turner’ and The Word could soon be made flesh 8081

The Word in Ottawa is'Turner’ and The Word could soon be made flesh

The story is vintage Stanfield. The up elevator on Parliament Hill is crowded when it stops by automatic command on one floor. The doors silently open to reveal no one, then silently close and the elevator continues its journey. From the back of the car comes the sepulchral voice of Robert Stanfield: “Hello, Mackenzie.
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