January 10, 1977

All the premier’s men 2223

All the premier’s men

René Lévesque is a known quantity, but what of the people around him? Among other things, they’re bright, well-versed in government, and more fluently bilingual than the federalist ministers they replaced
Berger of the North 3031

Berger of the North

He was sent to find out what a pipeline would do to the Mackenzie Valley and its people. In the process, he became a folk hero and a perceived ‘savior’—but can he live up to it?
With Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau 45

With Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Beset by political problems and hemmed in by a hectic schedule, Pierre Elliott Trudeau has been hard put of late to find time for the kind of lengthy, in-depth interviews that best reveal the direction of his thinking. He made an exception in November for Jean Paré, editor-in-chief of Maclean’s French-language sister publication L’actualité.
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The best of times? The worst of times? Certainly one of the most exciting
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There’s nothing so compelling as an idea that's already made big money
Canada 12b13


Prepare for a year of sound and fury
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The year of the tumor, Howard Hughes, and more zipless intercourse
Canada at childhood's end: we can grow and prosper in our new reality—or perish in it 1011

Canada at childhood's end: we can grow and prosper in our new reality—or perish in it

Like a debutante who has strayed into an abattoir, Canada finds herself in this new year face to face with some harsh new realities. During most of our brief existence as a nation we were all but exempt from the terrors of modern history, a lucky people inhabiting a wonderful hunk of geography.
Controlling interest 1415

Controlling interest

Last fall, Finance Minister Donald Macdonald and the government were solidly battered over the wage-price control program. Labor had its day of protest, business took out full-page newspaper advertisements to denounce the program, and economists of all stripes called for a quick end to controls.
Mostly from bad to worse 2021

Mostly from bad to worse

“Hope is a pleasant acquaintance,” wrote the Nova Scotia wit, Thomas Haliburton, “but an unsafe friend.” Citizens of Atlantic Canada are given to gloomy utterances, and recent events have given them something to grumble about; as 1977 opens, the area is permeated by brooding fears of economic collapse and isolation, the one foretold by business figures, the other by the possible separation of Quebec.
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