March 21, 1977

The halls of anger 2627

The halls of anger

Canada’s prisons: a study in failure
Interview 45


With Dennis McDermott of the United Auto Workers
Just when everything was going along so nicely, too 1415

Just when everything was going along so nicely, too

I want to commend you on your recent series of timely articles on extended fisheries jurisdiction. However, I must point out two inaccuracies which detract from the quality of the articles. In Mostly From Bad To Worse (January 10) you identify Howard Cole as an Armed Forces Officer.
The Turner campaign 4445

The Turner campaign

Never mind what he says. Watch what he does
A woman in her prime 5253
Closeup/Show Business

A woman in her prime

Face to face with Liv Ullmann
The preparatory stage 2021

The preparatory stage

It was an opening fraught with false starts. The rookie Parti Québécois Speaker, Clement Richard, almost adjourned the new session of the Quebec National Assembly by mistake in his first sentence, and his mix-up in terminology had to be corrected by PQ House Leader Robert Burns.
Margaret in Wonderland 6263

Margaret in Wonderland

“I don’t intend to be just a rose in my husband’s lapel,” Margaret Trudeau said once. In six years of marriage she has kept strenuously to her promise—never more so than in her high-profile visits earlier this month to two intimate Toronto performances by Britain’s raunchy Rolling Stones, followed by a New York jaunt to the ballet (Mikhail Baryshnikov) and to a famous photographic studio (Richard Avedon).
Election? Let’s see the budget first 1819

Election? Let’s see the budget first

It was a stunning reversal. After trailing the Conservatives for a full year in the influential Gallup polls, the Liberals were suddenly ahead. In early February, even before Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s triumphant visit to Washington, the poll showed the Liberals favored by 41% of the voters and the Conservatives by 37%.
Workin’ on the railroad 2223

Workin’ on the railroad

“There are people who still yearn for what is romantically known as the far-off, haunting wail of a steam whistle. We Westerners who have heard it will never forget the sound of that whistle, but today it is only something for the older generations, the poets and the writers.
When Alaskan oil starts flowing, Canada will get its share-every time there’s a spill 1213

When Alaskan oil starts flowing, Canada will get its share-every time there’s a spill

Soon now, oil from Alaska will begin to move by tanker down Canada’s west coast, enormously increasing the probabilities of a disastrous oil spill. The oil will move despite the fact that there has, as yet, been no satisfactory answer to two crucial questions: what the hell are the Americans going to do with the stuff when they get it, and what will happen when a calamitous spill occurs?
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