May 16, 1977

Marriage on the rocks 2829
Closeup/The Family

Marriage on the rocks

When the ties that bind, don't—what next?
India's sweet spring 4445
Closeup/The World

India's sweet spring

The old ways return, by popular demand
Some Anglo-Quebeckers may be villains, but most are simply victims 1011

Some Anglo-Quebeckers may be villains, but most are simply victims

English-speaking Quebeckers—rich, arrogant, isolated from their French-speaking neighbors. This image of a minority pretending they are the majority has been a common perception among many Canadians. In this melodrama, we wear the black hats and are assumed by some to be the underlying cause of the present Confederation crisis.
Sticking it to‘em 6465

Sticking it to‘em

The... uh... Great Canadian Game
Interview With Ken Danby 45

Interview With Ken Danby

At 37, Canadian artist Ken Danby has established himself as a master of realist painting, with an international stature that regularly brings his dealer requests from New York, London and European capitals. A 1974 article in the U.S. magazine Arts declared that Danby’s “realism is a triumph of technical virtuosity and clearly reveals his primary interest in utilizing and synthesizing all the formal elements of art."
Red-neck City, BC 42b42c
Closeup/The Society

Red-neck City, BC

Always abused, but what can Surrey expect?
The last of the red-hot Tories 2021

The last of the red-hot Tories

Ontario Premier William Davis is like a Cheshire cat in repose. His feet are propped up on the seat in front of him as the small Beechcraft airplane takes him from Toronto to southwestern Ontario for a day of executive presence. He should be nervous.
A nation driven 5859

A nation driven

Canadians and their cars, till death do them part
Splendor on the wing 42j42k

Splendor on the wing

An artist’s fame comes home to roost
The warm-up game 2425

The warm-up game

It was the last day of April, and in the Liberal party headquarters on Main Street in Rouyn. Quebec, Marcel Lessard, federal Minister of Regional Economic Expansion and veteran slayer of separatists, was trying to stir up the crowd. They were gathered to see Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, but he had just delivered a low-key speech and Lessard wanted to make sure the message was clear.
Very troubled waters 2223

Very troubled waters

For Canada, the spectacular blowout of a North Sea oil well last month was much more than a drama on the high seas. It was an ominous prelude to two major Arctic energy decisions facing the federal government: whether to allow drilling for oil to continue in the Beaufort Sea and whether to build a Mackenzie Valley pipeline.
Armed and extremely dangerous: the fallacy of peace at gunpoint 6263
The World

Armed and extremely dangerous: the fallacy of peace at gunpoint

It is 14 feet long, flies at a mere 600 mph, and looks like a streamlined version of a wartime doodlebug. But there the resemblance ends. For the cruise missile is potentially the deadliest weapon in the United States’ arsenal. It carries a nuclear warhead equivalent to 200,000 tons of TNT, can be fired from the ground, from planes in flight and from submerged submarines.
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