August 22, 1977

All the way up 2425

All the way up

Liz Taylor has a part in the new Len Cariou movie
Interview 23


Not so long ago, it seemed the medical profession had an untouchable image. Dignified, with wisdom beyond reproach, the white-coated doctor was right up there next to the saints. But the image is showing signs of wear. Increasing numbers of critics of the traditional approach to health care are heaping abuse on the profession for its arrogant aloofness, its conservatism and its apparent self-interest.
Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. 88a

Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here.

Readers of The Cottage Country (July 11), which quoted me, might get the idea that cottage life in the Gatineau Hills, north of Ottawa, is a “litany of woe,” as you put it. To support this conclusion the article cites three minor inconveniences such as black flies, an insignificant incident of vandalism and a break-in.
The mutts of war 3435
Closeup/International Affairs

The mutts of war

The Belize Campaign? It was heck, pure heck!
Born-To-Raise-Hell Inc. 3031

Born-To-Raise-Hell Inc.

Still punks, yes, but organized punks
Prepare to walk your last ‘mile’ 1617

Prepare to walk your last ‘mile’

Ready or not, Canada is about to take another giant step in its long march toward total adoption of the metric system of weights and measures. By the end of next month, the mile will have officially vanished from most of the nation’s highways (in Manitoba, where a fall election looms, the changeover has been put off until April next year) and millions of Canadian motorists will be required by law to compute their speed in kilometres (rhymes with pillowbeaters) per hour (km/h).
In the beginning 5657

In the beginning

Is the universe really unfolding as it should?
The lady in the lake—and the man who must have her 5051

The lady in the lake—and the man who must have her

If she were raised tomorrow, those who have seen her say she wouldn’t even need a new coat of paint. The icy waters of Lake Superior have protected her so well that for 66 years the luxury yacht Gunilda has not seen the light of day nor allowed anyone to claim her treasure.
The wild, wild South 3839
The World

The wild, wild South

Has the FBI helped perpetuate a dangerous myth about the distribution of American crime? Despite tetchy denials from the federal lawmen, that is the question being aired since a young criminologist came up with a startling new perspective on the relative safety of U.S. cities.
What would we do without athletic supporters? 4849

What would we do without athletic supporters?

It used to be that the biggest jocks in any neighborhood were gents whose beer bellies were nurtured as carefully as the myths of their athletic prowess in younger years. But pinstripes and other styles of board-room chic have since replaced sweat shirts as the uniform of the superjock.
To hell with Andy Hardy 5455
Show Business

To hell with Andy Hardy

Mickey Rooney, reclaimed by Christian Science and 57 next month, sits like a plump Buddha in the swivel seat of his Winnebago parked amidst the parched wheat. Restless with wisdom and vivacity, he is seeking his salvation in a book called Beating The Harness Races.
Stepping on the gas 1819

Stepping on the gas

It was time to call the President. After nearly a decade of studies, more than 2,000 pages of reports, a parliamentary debate and a rare summer weekend cabinet meeting, the government had reached a tentative decision to support a natural gas pipeline from the North.
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