September 19, 1977


The feast of St. Michel

Closeup/The Nation

East of Eden

The feast of St. Michel 2829

The feast of St. Michel

Blessed (finally) are they who live to eat
Interview 45


Maclean’s: Is there any apparent difference in the sexual attitudes or sexuality between Canadians and Americans? Schlesinger: Basically we Canadians are more conservative in the area of sexual behavior and probably there are three major areas.
East of Eden 42b42c
Closeup/The Nation

East of Eden

If Quebec goes, will the East suffer even more? Yes
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Had the August 22 cover of Maclean’s been effectively sexual, I may not have been so disturbed. But it’s not sexual. It’s by (ho hum) another dirty old man. The sexism is derived from the fact that she has no clothes on, almost. He does. Look at her.
Breakfast of Champions 5253

Breakfast of Champions

Chemical warfare on the track, field, ice et al
Mommas’ boy 4445

Mommas’ boy

Hark, the Simard angel sings
Big Mac’s big mess 6263
Closeup/The Economy

Big Mac’s big mess

Amazingly, he left things worse than he found them
The bumper crop 7677

The bumper crop

It’s a bit extraordinary to see a pudgy, short female impersonator as the symbol of the new vigor of Canadian movies. But what you see is what you get. Craig Russell is the star, the energizing inspiration, of Outrageous, a low-budget Canadian film which has already wooed audiences at Cannes and won them in New York before even beginning the assault on its own country.
A minor rebellion, to be sure—but a rebellion, nonetheless 2021

A minor rebellion, to be sure—but a rebellion, nonetheless

Unadorned flagpoles poked into the ominous sky above most of the dozen Inuit settlements of Quebec’s northland, no longer bearing the fleur-de-lis ensign of a distant government. At the administrative centre of Fort Chimo, the water delivery truck still avoided the homes and offices of provincial employees; they were fetching their own water in a makeshift plywood tank strapped onto a dump truck.
A pipe dream come true 2021

A pipe dream come true

It was quarter-to-nine on a Friday night in Ottawa. Allan MacEachen, the government House Leader, and James Schlesinger, the United States energy secretary, had been facing each other over a bargaining table forclose to seven hours.
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