October 31, 1977

Bloody Italy 2829

Bloody Italy

The revolution is on, the casualties are mounting
Letters 1616a


An act of negligence—or something worse
With newsman and author Edwin Newman 45

With newsman and author Edwin Newman

To Edwin Newman, nothing so much epitomizes the decline in standards of spoken English as the ever more pervasive retreat to "you know" and "I mean.” It distresses him that so many people "do not have the resources with which to express themselves,” and improving the way the language is spoken is Newman’s crusade.
The Rasky touch 4445

The Rasky touch

Immodest? He has little to be Immodest about
Mutiny on the tundra 42b42c

Mutiny on the tundra

If René Lévesque can do it, so can Charlie Watt
All In The Commons 2021

All In The Commons

Let the doors be open.” Uttered by the Speaker to start every day in the House of Commons, the words this time had special import: at 2 p.m. on Monday, October 17, the Commons opened its doors for the first time to electronic coverage of its proceedings.

The next Canadian hero 5253

The next Canadian hero

Catching up—figuratively—with Gilles Villeneuve
The Great Rush of '77 6465

The Great Rush of '77

CP Air’s flight 21 to Prince George, Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Watson Lake and Whitehorse isn’t scheduled to leave for 15 minutes but the little throng of people, all with reservations, clustered around the Vancouver passenger gate won’t be on it.
Through a glass brightly 68b68c

Through a glass brightly

Dear Mr. Markovic, the letter read, thank you very much for the goblet that was made for Stalin. The letter, in late September, was from Stanley Marcus, big boss of Neiman-Marcus, the Dallas, Texas, department store that makes Eaton’s look like a five-and-dime, and it was the signal that Joseph Markovic, 53, had finally arrived.
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