January 23, 1978

With zoologist Desmond Morris 45

With zoologist Desmond Morris

Few scientists have been as successful as Desmond Morris in popularizing their work. The 50-year-old zoologist has impeccable credentials—doctorate from Oxford, numerous academic papers published, curator of mammals at the fabulous London Zoo for eight years (until 1967).
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Close Encounters Of A Fourth Kind? Thanks for the very good story on Close Encounters (Films, December 26). I share David Cobb’s opinion of the film and welcome it for its solitary confirmation of my own feelings. I went ready to be convinced and taken away but I felt disappointed with them and for them.
To hell with Bob Dylan 2627

To hell with Bob Dylan

Meet Rush. They’ re in it for the money.

The miracle worker 3233

The miracle worker

If hockey ain’t what it used to be, Gordie Howe is
Here Comes Mr. Ryan 1819

Here Comes Mr. Ryan

When Claude Ryan walked through a room filled with applauding admirers in Montreal’s Meridien Hotel and announced his candidacy for the Quebec Liberal leadership earlier this month, he instantly became the front runner to head the battered party.
A night still remembered 3839

A night still remembered

Checking in with a last survivor
A nasty case of Sun-burn 2021

A nasty case of Sun-burn

comed Sun Life’s departure because the immediate economic damage is surpassed by the momentum it gives the cause of independence. Said an aide to Finance Minister Jacques Parizeau: “It’s a political crisis, but not for us. Which side is doing all the wailing?” The sprayed graffiti was succinct: BON DEBARRAS (good riddance). That indignant reaction to Sun Life Assurance Company’s decision to move its head office to Toronto marred the grey, granite walls of the firm’s wedding-cake building on Dominion Square which has symbolized the wealth and power of Montreal’s English business establishment.
Will the next Broadway hit be Broadway itself? 5657

Will the next Broadway hit be Broadway itself?

If silence were imaginable in New York, one would say that Broadway is holding its breath. Fingers crossed, it waits for the February 16 opening of On The Twentieth Century, Hal Prince’s new musical based on the classic Hecht-MacArthur comedy of 1933.
Clever people, these Canadians 5051

Clever people, these Canadians

Sheikh Abdulrahman Alissa, a Saudi Arabian General Motors dealer, was holidaying in Portugal. It was 1976, he had just sold his entire year’s stock of Chevrolets in four months, he had three million dollars, and he wanted to spend it. As the sheikh sat on the beach in the warm Lisbon sun his thoughts drifted to a long-cherished fantasy: a dream home, a palace that would satisfy at once his American-educated modern self and his deeply rooted Arabic traditions.
A Place In The Sun 5455

A Place In The Sun

Quebec’s Eastern Townships are salted with neat, white clapboard villages established 10 generations ago by United Empire Loyalists—Americans fleeing chaos at home to create a new society, ordered and pure. Nick Nicholson is a straggler in that migration, but his mission is the same.
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