March 20, 1978


They have faces again!


With Bob Dylan

Closeup/Trade Unionism

Labor’s gain

They have faces again! 2223

They have faces again!

If movies aren’t better than ever, Hollywood is
With Bob Dylan 44a

With Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan, folk-poet laureate to a generation, has turned moviemaker. And if you had trouble understanding his songs, wait until you see his movie. His first major effort, much of it filmed during his sensational transcontinental musical tour, Rolling Thunder Revue, more than two years ago, defies easy description.
Labor’s gain 36b36c
Closeup/Trade Unionism

Labor’s gain

Dennis McDermott is no Joe Morris. And that’s good
Another doctor's dilemma: ‘similar’ does not mean ‘same’ 88a

Another doctor's dilemma: ‘similar’ does not mean ‘same’

I must state that I feel not only hurt but indeed outraged by the implications in The Doctor’s Dilemma (February 6) toward my own personal involvement in the practice of anesthesia in Saskatchewan. The Anderson Committee was set up by the minister of health to review anesthetic practices in this province.
A Tiger In Winter 3839
Closeup/ International Affairs

A Tiger In Winter

The first Annual Report on Morarji Desai
The Serfs Of Summer 5859

The Serfs Of Summer

It seems as many ironies as players were gathered in Dunedin, Florida, for the March training camp of the Toronto Blue Jays. Peter Bavasi, the club’s 35-year-old president, sat sheltered from the Gulf winds in a warm trailer, his frayed jeans contrasting oddly with the porcupine sleekness of his styled hair.
A straw in the wind 4647
Closeup / Politics

A straw in the wind

Where does Rod Biron stand? On both sides of the fence
Guilty-or not-by reason of psychiatrists 64h65

Guilty-or not-by reason of psychiatrists

The 11 men and one woman in the jury box avoided the intense stare of the young man sitting in the dock. As the Crown Attorney read his confession, Bruce Hamill’s expression never changed. The court heard how on a gloomy March morning he waited in the shadows of an Ottawa schoolyard for the caretaker, Betty Wentzlaff, his 58-year-old neighbor.
In dubious battle 5455
The World

In dubious battle

For three decades, the people of the northern Ethiopian province of Eritrea have been fighting for their independence. Early this month, they had won control of 90% of their homeland. But the topsy-turvy world of power politics has turned against them and they face the full fury of a Russian/Cuban/Ethiopian assault.
Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just-even if it’s only with Tories 7273

Thrice is he armed that hath his quarrel just-even if it’s only with Tories

Davey, O’Hagan and Coutts. Sounds like a double-play combination in the ThreeEye League? A plumbing outfit perhaps? A juggling act on The Gong Show? A small law firm in an Eastern Ontario town that still has a Gyro club, the CGIT and one QC in the territory who, unfortunately, drinks? Davey to O’Hagan to Coutts of course is the sleight-of-hand gang assigned to slip past your unwary ballot that master of masks, the prime prestidigitator of our time, Pierre Easily Trendeau, in the election aborning.
There’s life in the oil fields yet 5657

There’s life in the oil fields yet

It all began as a slip of the tongue. Alberta Energy Minister Don Getty—not a notably garrulous politician—fumbled his way into letting it slip out at a Heritage Savings and Fund meeting in Edmonton last September that yes, indeed, Alberta still has plenty of black gold left.
Lord of the dance 64b64c

Lord of the dance

You can tell it’s a dream factory from its golden glitter, this storefront dance studio at a grimy intersection in Weston, a suburb moldering in the back pocket of Toronto. The gold is a one-way coat that keeps passersby from ogling the five dancers in black leotards on the other side of the glass, lazily flexing their long legs while Brian Foley ponders the choreography of the next eight bars of music.
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