May 15, 1978


Heroes of Our Time


The bucks start here

With Gordon Pinsent 45

With Gordon Pinsent

Gordon Pinsent’s name has been on Canadian lips since the mid-'60s when he starred on television as Quentin Durgens, the mythical, moral MP. A dozen subsequent years of acting, writing and directing have kept this versatile, creative man in view.
Heroes of Our Time 3031

Heroes of Our Time

Have the comics grown up, or have we grown down?
The bucks start here 44b44c

The bucks start here

Behind every great leader is an equally great bagman
When will they ever learn? 1415

When will they ever learn?

Congratulations on your fine issue of April 3—The Trudeau Decade. I thought the pieces by Peter Newman, Robert Lewis and Ian Urquhart as well as the report cards by John F. Helliwell and J. C. Weldon were especially thoughtful and well done.
Bitter Harvest 2425

Bitter Harvest

Canada’s farmers are bloody-eyed mad. Justifiably
Every Night Fever 5455

Every Night Fever

Anybody who’s anybody will be there, darling!
The winning of the world 4647
Closeup/The Nation

The winning of the world

Quebec may not be a country, but it's acting like one
Everything’s coming up Peter 8283

Everything’s coming up Peter

A year and a half ago, Peter Allen thought his show business comeback had permanently stalled in a small nightclub in Philadelphia. “I was playing every night to about 20 bored people,” he recalls. But on May 11, at the starlight roof of the Waldorf Astoria, the Australian-born entertainer received the “Entertainer of the Year” award from the national U.S. entertainment magazine, After Dark.
The Reign of Terror 6061
The World

The Reign of Terror

While the world was still preoccupied with the fate of former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro, a prisoner of Red Brigade terrorists, Western security heads were spending the early days of May anxiously trying to come to grips with the threat of a new wave of international terrorism.
Class struggle 6667

Class struggle

The series between Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens should have ranked as one of the great grudges in hockey history. Not up to former Toronto owner Conn Smythe’s refusal to speak to Boston owner Art Ross for 12 years, perhaps, but certainly in the same league as Smythe’s five-year silent treatment toward Detroit owner Jack Adams.
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