June 26, 1978



I, Stephen


No fear of flying

Interview 45


Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy had him lead White House prayer breakfasts. His friend Lyndon Johnson asked him to consider running for president. He was an important counsel to Richard Nixon and he visits Jimmy Carter’s bornagain White House.
I, Stephen 2223

I, Stephen

The Rise of the Roman Empire
No fear of flying 3435

No fear of flying

Superman was there when Margot Kidder needed him
The Young Lion 4849
Closeup / Corporations

The Young Lion

How Conrad Black made Argus his own
When worlds collide 4041
Closeup/The Nation

When worlds collide

Even in two solitudes, youth will find a way
Conquests, glories, and spoils 6263

Conquests, glories, and spoils

Peter Hall, director of the British National Theatre, let his chagrin be known. On the first night of his new Macbeth, starring Albert Finney and Dorothy Tutin, half London’s first-string critics were elsewhere. They had gone to Stratford, Ontario, to see the same play mounted by Robin Phillips with Douglas Rain and Maggie Smith.
Letters 1011


Childhood heroes
Gator Aid 5455

Gator Aid

Ever since she saw one chasing the boy next door, Mary Landry hasn’t cared much for alligators. “It was snapping its big teeth right at his heels and it very nearly caught him,” she says. Then she adds, more in reflection than revelation, “Of course, we weren’t bothered by alligators in New Brunswick.”
The shape of things that have already come 5859

The shape of things that have already come

It was a pause in one of the conference discussions, and the sculptor from Cincinnati in the cowboy hat was explaining her latest work to anyone who’d listen. It was a 12-foot-high rhinoceros, she said, with helicopter rotor blades on its head and a helicopter rudder on its backside.
Let us not now praise famous men but find away to redistribute them 6465

Let us not now praise famous men but find away to redistribute them

Every day the phone rings. One day it is Joan Sutton of The Toronto Sun seeking you to recall a turning point in your life. The next it is some earnest little girl from the CBC, requesting your favorite classical record and demanding to know why.
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