December 11, 1978

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Legend already has it that it cost anywhere between $35 million and $78 million to make. No such amount of pre-publicity has accompanied any movie since David O. Selznick sent out beaters to find Scarlett O’Hara. Not since Napoleon decided he’d like to visit Moscow has a project been so draped in uncertainty.
A coffee-table coffer 6465

A coffee-table coffer

Off Brindisi, Italy, another world away, they beckon like “the hounds of promise.” So tenuously tethered to a time long past, they’re very touching. Parched, barren, alive with smell. By day luminescent: fierce, blinding, stunning light.
The writing is on the wall 2829
World News

The writing is on the wall

Day after day the posters on Peking’s “Wall of Democracy” had been getting more insistent. Debunking remarks about the once-Great Helmsman Mao Tse-tung were extended to his successor, Chairman Hua Kuo-feng; demands that Vice-Premier Teng Hsiaoping should take over Hua’s other job, the office of premier, mingled with diatribes against the top men responsible for Teng’s temporary demotion after 1976 riots in Peking’s Tien An Men square.
Facing a nip-and-tuck craze 52d53

Facing a nip-and-tuck craze

The pink, playful nudes on canvas are perfectly formed in the artist’s fantasy and brush strokes; not a wrinkle blemishes their nubile bodies. But in contrast, the floor-to-ceiling mirrors (mirror, mirror on the wall) reflect and reinforce the images of the sagging psyches and faces of those who wait.
Visiting the ghost of Churchill past 2425
Canadian News

Visiting the ghost of Churchill past

Doug Hoey, chief engineer of the $ll-million Churchill Town Centre complex, sadly packed his bags last week and flew 700 miles south to Winnipeg to look for work. He had held the job since the centre opened in 1975, wasn’t fired—and still liked Churchill.
The Sermons on the Mount: isn’t this where we came in? 2021
Canadian News

The Sermons on the Mount: isn’t this where we came in?

Late in the final day of last week’s federal-provincial conference on the economy, a weary Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, having just endured yet another harangue from the Quebec delegation about Ottawa’s policies, turned to Manitoba Premier Sterling Lyon, who was indicating he wanted to speak next.
A poet of light and space and time 45

A poet of light and space and time

Cherubs,” agrees Michael Snow, a glint in his eye and tongue firmly in cheek, “cherubs might be just the thing. To go with the Canada geese.” Canada’s leading conceptual artist toys with the suggestion, but he’s not about to add angels to his proposed sculpture, a wire and linen flock of 50 life-size migratory geese designed to look as though they’re about to land on the indoor treetops of a downtown shopping centre in Toronto.
A one-woman library of love 1415

A one-woman library of love

Lord Vernham fastened the window and turned to see her in the candlelight standing in her white nightgown with' her fair hair streaming over her shoulders and Bobo in her arms. She looked so lovely that he drew in his breath and only with the greatest difficulty prevented himself from walking towards her and pulling her against him.
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The Rockettes, New York Radio City Music Hall’s leggy art deco dance troupe, have long been strong on glamor. But with the recent infusion of Ann-Margret into the line, the girls have never looked so good. Ann-Margret, who got her first glimpse of the Rockettes when she was six—just two days off the boat from her native Sweden— never forgot the sight.
How the mighty have fallen, intentionally 5859

How the mighty have fallen, intentionally

There is always, with the announcement of a new Chosen One, a flurry of publicity. It may not be journalism, but reading the news with exaggerated emphasis from a TelePrompTer has become a service worth upward of $60,000 in our society. The individual becomes larger than life.
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