March 26, 1979

Maggie in the marketplace: why she let it all hang out 2829

Maggie in the marketplace: why she let it all hang out

In a posh winter retreat at Ocho Rios, Jamaica, last week, the telephone rang for Margaret Trudeau. She an swered it in her little-girl voice, all tremulous and open, but did not recognize the name of her caller. There was no discreet pause on her part to invite explanation, no softly phrased yes? to elicit a statement of the business at hand.
Nature’s sternest painter 45

Nature’s sternest painter

The script is pure soap: struggling young wildlife artist finds fortune and fame, stumbles in a freak accident on a field trip and is bedridden for months with a painful hip injury, a question mark hanging over his future. Cast Ryan O’Neal as the artist with one of the Walton girls as his wife.
A buy-now, pay-later peace 3435
World News

A buy-now, pay-later peace

Sign now, pay later. That appeared to be the situation at week’s end as Israel, Egypt and the United States prepared to complete a Middle East peace treaty bought—like the piano in the parlor—on time. But appearances were deceptive. For one thing, President Jimmy Carter’s cheque-book diplomacy might prove in the longer run to have cost a lot more than money; for another there was even doubt that there would be a long run.
The retirement conundrum 1011

The retirement conundrum

"Retire?” says Senator David Croll. “I couldn’t retire. I can’t even take a three-day holiday.” At 79, as chairman of the Special Senate Committee on Retirement Age Policies, Croll works a full day—up at 5 a.m. for a little exercise, then off to the Senate Chamber at 8:00 for a 12-hour stint spent pondering the topic of retirement.
Letters 1819


I commend you for drawing attention to Canadian art in The New Age of Indian Art (Jan. 22). However, I question the necessity to dwell upon the drinking habits of native artists. The problems with alcohol in native Canadian culture are well-known and such attention does not help this cultural situation nor make it more understandable.
People 4041


Aware that there are strange things done in the midnight sun by men who moil for gold, three Canadian actresses, Lisa Langlois, 20, D.D. Winters, 20, and Sherry Lewis, 25, are nothing if not curious about heading off to the Yukon where they will shoot the $4-million movie Klondike Fever.
Playing the ace in a high-stakes brain game 5051

Playing the ace in a high-stakes brain game

The whispers and rumors have been echoing through the halls of Alberta’s medical institutions for more than a year. But shock, followed by euphoria, still rippled through the province’s medical fraternity when Premier Peter Lougheed released his latest magnum opus—the promise, upon re-election, of a $300-million endowment fund aimed at creating a medical research foundation to rank with the best in the world.
Go abroad, young man, the home front’s hell 44d45

Go abroad, young man, the home front’s hell

A resolution demanding the “liberation of the political prisoners of Quebec” passed by some members of the Quebec counterpart of the Canadian University Service Overseas (CUSO) was the last straw for Jim Griffith of Prince Edward Island.
Politics is the art of the cruel, so the Liberals have seized upon a clever ploy 6465

Politics is the art of the cruel, so the Liberals have seized upon a clever ploy

There are certain people I would not want to be. I would not want to be, for example, the marriage guidance counsellor who predicts a long, happy state of wedded bliss for Patty Hearst, who married her bodyguard, and Susan Ford, who married her security guard.
Joining the towers that be 4243

Joining the towers that be

Edward is the first to come, walking carefully as if on pained feet, one shoulder jutting ahead of the other so the body can slip quickly through any door only slightly ajar. He winces when a camera’s electronic flash plays its eerie game with his tan-touched skin and chocolate-brown suit.
Over the Rockies and up the creek 2425
Canadian News

Over the Rockies and up the creek

While Canadian voters waited to be told when they are going to the polls, the Liberals’ non-election campaign wound its way west to British Columbia where the party holds only eight of 23 federal seats—and seven of those are in peril. The trip got mixed notices for the wobbly Grits as a cranky, aggressive Pierre Trudeau made his way around Vancouver.
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