June 25, 1979


An Arab leader’s crown of thorns

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Pursuing the working woman

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A metaphor for his time

An Arab leader’s crown of thorns 3233

An Arab leader’s crown of thorns

Turbanned Berber tribesmen astride Arab stallions raised their rifles in salute, drums and pipes throbbed amid a mass of colorfully robed spectators. At the entrance to the medieval city of Fez, the cavalcade of cars passed over hundreds of precious, handwoven carpets strewn across the highway.
Pursuing the working woman T1037
Cover Story

Pursuing the working woman

"Excuse me," said the research analyst as he pushed a microphone forward, "but are you a working woman?” Groaned 25-year-old careerist Pat Grundleger: “Oh, not again! You’re the third lot this month. Any more of this and I won’t have time to work.”
A metaphor for his time 2627
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A metaphor for his time

"His name was J.B. Books..." says the voice-over of Ron Howard, introducing The Shootist. His name was also The Ringo Kid and Rooster Cogburn, Ethan Edwards and John T. Chance, Hondo Lane and Jake McCandles, Tom Dunson and Tom Doniphon, Captain Ralls, Captain Brittles and Sergeant Stryker.


Biography tantalizes. Anyone who impresses us with their achievements, whether in the arts, the sciences, philosophy or politics, is the biographer’s target. Like children who instinctively take apart a new toy to see how it works, we want to know.
Sally Field: the girl next door gets tough—and wins 45

Sally Field: the girl next door gets tough—and wins

Sally Field is a lot like Norma Rae, the role that won her the Best Actress Award at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Both women are 32-year-old single mothers of two children, trying to better their working lives— Norma Rae by getting a union into the factory where she and most of those in her small Southern town are employed; actress Sally Field by holding out for worthwhile roles to come along.
Love, pain and the whole trade thing 2021

Love, pain and the whole trade thing

As love affairs go, this one barely reached the hand-holding stage. Business and the new Clark government, each toying with the idea of torrid romance earlier this month, have already had a falling out. Last week, with his telephone in a constant state of white heat, Robert de Cotret, minister of economic development and trade, became the focus for a nervous business parade to Parliament Hill.
The world’s best golf, by Watson 89

The world’s best golf, by Watson

Muirfield Village is a complex of luxurious homes surrounding the Memorial golf course on 245 acres of woods and rolling hills just northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Jack Nicklaus was born in Columbus. Jack Nicklaus attended Ohio State University in Columbus.
What makes Andy run 3435

What makes Andy run

When Andrew Stein, now Manhattan borough president, was 15, his father, New York politico Jerry Finkelstein, took him to the White House to meet President John F. Kennedy. “What are your ambitions?” the president asked the young man. “I thought for a minute,” recalls Stein.
A world college where borders are unlearned 67

A world college where borders are unlearned

There were small clumps of kids in the parking lot. Red-eyed and pale from staying up all night, they came together in an embrace and then fell apart in a sparely choreographed dance. They moved about the cone of a dying bonfire in the yellow-streaked dawn before boarding buses that would take them back home—a diaspora that would scatter them across 50 countries.
Stratford: daring if not soaring 4647

Stratford: daring if not soaring

With Love's Labour's Lost, Richard II, Henry IV Parts I and II, Ned and Jack, and The Importance of Being Earnest, Artistic Director Robin Phillips launches for Stratford ’79 a parade of poetic souls struggling for expression, determined apprentices rehearsing painfully for the responsibilities of life or just role-playing for its own gleeful sake.
True Grit in the wide blue yonder 1415

True Grit in the wide blue yonder

Although the decor is as fancy as a gold inlaid saddle, The Ranchman's in Calgary has long been a favorite watering hole for professional cowboys. But the cowpokes gathering there recently have lost the desire to party ever since four of their rodeo buddies disappeared in a Piper Cherokee May 22.
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Since the opening of Nick Mancuso's first movie, Nightwing, co-starring Kathryn Harrold, the 30-year-old Canadian’s star is clearly rising—but even his swarm of managers, agents and lawyers has not managed to reassure him. “The last few months of my life have been the hardest,” says Mancuso, who plays a Navajo sheriff in the bat-infested thriller.
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Thanks for High-Flying Gino Vannelli... (May 28)on Canada’s superstar. Only one thing wrong—his picture should have been on the cover. DONALD GRAY, MONTREAL Above contempt I find it ironic that Barbara Amiel sees so little similarity between rape and sexual harassment in her column Consensual or Coercive?
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