July 2, 1979

Newfoundland takes off 2021

Newfoundland takes off

At a Tory rally in St. George’s on Newfoundland’s arable west coast, an elderly man with one leg dropped his crutches and began dancing. Up on the stage an accordion player and fiddlers were turning out tunes a mile a minute. Urged by encouraging voices whose rapacious Irish tones would have made James Joyce jump for joy, the one-legged gent kept at it.
Now an Asian Holocaust? 3233

Now an Asian Holocaust?

Words can be more powerful than events. “We will be harsh with them. Being humane has not paid off for us at all.” With terrible calm, Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamid announced recently that his country would be shipping out to sea its burden of 76,000 Vietnamese refugees now jammed in camps along its coast.
An ex-con painter with an eye for business 45

An ex-con painter with an eye for business

Montreal artist Michel Pellus lounged gracefully across a table in the Café de la Paix, a relatively quiet corner in the fashionable St. Moritz Hotel. Over his shoulder, New York’s Central Park was blooming. Popping a couple of roasted almonds into his mouth, he whipped out a pocket calculator.
Facing up to a barrel of trouble 2223

Facing up to a barrel of trouble

Although Japanese office workers have made the dark colored, light-weight suit a patrimonial uniform, the government recently decreed that short-sleeve summer jackets are in and that neckties can be left at home. The reason: Japan wants to cut back on use of air conditioners in the steamiest of seasons—part of a broader program of energy restraint that has service stations closing on Sundays, the national airline reducing flights and a major boat-builder experimenting with sailing ships.
A prince of the church takes his pew 4445

A prince of the church takes his pew

"I've a strong impression I’m dreaming,” he said a month ago when he was chosen by Pope John Paul II to become the second cardinal in Toronto’s history. But the reality came last Saturday behind closed doors—even he had to wait in another room—as the gathered cardinals in St. Peter’s Basilica removed their bright scarlet birettas, in the historic sign of approval of the Pope’s choice.
People 3839


Though Woody Allen has been costumed as a Cossack soldier, a Hasidic Jew and a robot with inflatable water wings, offscreen he has not been noted for his fashion flair. Diane Keaton’s wardrobe in Allen’s Oscarful Annie Hall spawned a ragtag generation of women wearing ankle socks and skinny ties, but Allen’s early-crumple attire seemed unlikely to reach the pages of Vogue.
Letters 1617


John Bentley Mays’s article Taking It on the Road, (June 4) is introduced in the table of contents as dealing with “the first decade of Canadian theatre, a new generation of Canadian playwrights.” This article, ostensibly about Canadian playwrights, is in fact exclusively about a specific clique of young, male, hip Toronto playwrights who deal with two or three specific, hip Toronto theatres.
‘One should not expect miracles’ 3435

‘One should not expect miracles’

Why are the reluctant hosts of Southeast Asia’s hordes of refugees turning to desperate measures to get rid of them? What is the United Nations doing to stop them? Why is it not doing more to find the refugees permanent homes else-where? UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim recently returned from a tour of capitals in Indo-China.
The lunch-hour drug and other legal highs 1011

The lunch-hour drug and other legal highs

Over the past two years, nitrous oxide (its friends call it laughing gas) has drifted from the dentist’s office to the street below, where it has taken firm root as a popular over-the-counter, counterculture chemical. Its charms include a fleeting but intense euphoria lasting about one minute.
In search of a chance to grow 3233

In search of a chance to grow

With careful courtesy and shaking hands, Doan Thi Khai, 58, places the thick hotel-issue tumblers on the table, each one filled halfway with orange pop. She places paper napkins next to them. Her husband, Vo Tai Hoa, 58, puts his most precious possession, a pack of Canadian cigarettes, in the middle of the table, one cigarette pulled halfway out, and gestures to the visitors with his hand.
Of sultry summer evenings and the encroachment of people’s chic 5657

Of sultry summer evenings and the encroachment of people’s chic

Summer is not my favorite time of year. To begin with, I sweat a lot, in spite of a constant dialogue with appropriate glands in my body to remind them that I come from a long line of Semitic nomads wandering around deserts—while they remind me that they’ve had it with this Roots business and, anyway, people sweat in the desert too.
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