July 9, 1979

Rolling for billions 3031
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Rolling for billions

It is barely seven o’clock in the morning and Peter Bronfman is on the track surrounding Upper Canada College’s main football field, the snap of his Etonic jogging shoes beating the cinder path into black cement. This is June 29, the day of the big take-over and Bronfman is even more nervous than usual.
The summit of their discontent 12d13

The summit of their discontent

They met in the gaudy conference room of Tokyo’s Akasaka Palace, white doves circling above them in a ceiling painting taken from the Japanese Noh play Hagoromo. It tells the story of Hakuryu, a poor fisherman who chances upon an exquisitely naked goddess as she enjoys an earthly swim.
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I enjoyed it so much that brief segments of Allan Fotheringham’s column The Two Female Profiles We Contemplate Have Nothing to Do with Haircuts or Teeth (June 11) warranted re-reading. That’s a first! And, since even in 1979 and even in Canada, chauvinistic environments do exist, it is good to have clarified what crippled the United Kingdom.
CanLit’s anonymous parent 1011

CanLit’s anonymous parent

In the Belfast of 1901, John Coulter discovered his talent for words. “It was the death of Queen Victoria and our class was given an essay to write. I surrounded the pages with purple and black, for mourning, and inside the purple and black I wrote my little piece about this fat old lady who was on the backs of our pennies.
The horrifying David Cronenberg 45

The horrifying David Cronenberg

Alfred Hitchcock is dedicated to making audiences scream; Canadian director David Cronenberg loves making them squirm. His gruesome twosome, Shivers and Rabid, are Canadian box-office champs which have achieved cult status among those who desire to be both genuinely horrified and delightfully scared.
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"When I told my friends I was writing a song for liver, they thought I was working for an agricultural organization,” says Peter Pringle, 28, whose song Outside and Inside is fast becoming the anthem of the Canadian Liver Foundation.
The sweet squeal of success 4445

The sweet squeal of success

She doesn’t have Marilyn Monroe’s curves or Lauren Bacall’s sultriness or Katharine Hepburn’s breezy sophistication, but Miss Piggy has something none of the other great ladies of the screen can lay claim to— animal magnetism. With the release of her first wide-screen spectacular, The Muppet Movie, the divine Miss P. joins the ranks of the superstars.
Super Mex flies on the wind 2829

Super Mex flies on the wind

Andy North, winner of the 1978 U.S. Open, climbed the hill at the 15th hole of the Glen Abbey golf course in Oakville, Ontario, during the second round of the Canadian Open. Looking for his ball in the right rough he muttered, “I don’t want to play golf.
People do not read newspapers: they get into them, as they would a warm bath 4849

People do not read newspapers: they get into them, as they would a warm bath

What do you do in a city where you can’t find out who has just died? It would seem a somewhat esoteric item, but if there are no daily newspapers—as there have not been in Vancouver for the past eight months until last week—how can you keep track of your buddies who have popped off?
’Tis time to apply a J Cloth to my crystal ball and ponder the destiny of the medium 4243

’Tis time to apply a J Cloth to my crystal ball and ponder the destiny of the medium

Writing this final column, after a full season reviewing TV, I feel the medium is about to speak in the voice of Jacob wrestling with the angel: “I will not let thee go, except thou bless me.” Thanks, I’ll pass. A TV critic hopes there’s no medical aftermath after propping eyelids open with toothpicks for nine months.
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