July 30, 1979



In shadowy decades landscape past, when peopled suicide by menowas a pausal men, the aged and the forgotten, John’s young death would have been a rarity. A personal tragedy borne by the family and hung like a skeleton not far from the closeted 19th-century practice in Britain of staking suicides through the heart to lay the ghost to rest.
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I was very interested in your article What Would Hockey Night Be... (May 21) with reference to Roger Doucet and particularly to his rendition of our national anthem, O Canada. I find it abhorrent that a professional singer of little standing other than singing before some hockey games has the right to change the words of a country’s national anthem.
New Wave goes mainstream 5051

New Wave goes mainstream

Not since the aureate ’50s, when it came to stand for a state of female consciousness, has blondeness enjoyed the kind of significance ascribed to the hair of Deborah Harry, lead vocalist of Blondie. Last April, Heart of Glass, a cut from the group’s third album, Parallel Lines, became No. 1 on the pop music charts.
Speech from the thrown 2829

Speech from the thrown

From the time of his Sunday televised speech to 60 million Americans, President Jimmy Carter dominated the news in the United States as never before in his 2½ years in office. He announced new programs, promised action on old promises, altered his White House staff and shook up his cabinet.
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Claiming to “reach souls through painting,” Ojibway artist Norval Morrisseau has set up shop in Tom Thomson’s 65-year-old shack at the McMichael Canadian Collection in Kleinburg, Ontario. “The spirits know we are here and they look down on us.
Fairy tales of Adolf 4647

Fairy tales of Adolf

The typical Hitler thriller has a form as predictable as a John Wayne western and elements as classic as the saloon brawl, the gunfight on an empty street and the girl. The plot isn’t new but the sheer numbers of these books currently on the stands indicates that Hitler and his children have replaced sharks and airports as the grist of the thriller mill.
Scratching the 30-year itch 1819

Scratching the 30-year itch

The tenor of the next first ministers’ conference, whenever Prime Minister Joe Clark decides to hold it, will largely dictate whether Newfoundland becomes part of the vanguard of constitutional change or instead takes the next progressive step on its own road to self-determination.
The police and the public are out to get their man—both are hurt in the process 4445

The police and the public are out to get their man—both are hurt in the process

A policeman’s lot is not a happy one. Unless, of course, he’s a B.C. policeman. British Columbia being closer to Hollywood and Vine than Ottawa or Westminster means that all that neat show-biz culture can waft up the coast into the lives of our men-onthe-beat.
Enter fat cat No. 2 4243

Enter fat cat No. 2

After generations of watching the city’s two daily newspapers live in lopsided but peaceful coexistence, Winnipeggers are now finding themselves in the middle of an all-out circulation war. It’s a battle that has changed the face of both papers and startled advertisers almost as much as readers.
When the ball kept crossing flight paths they just had to do something 3435
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When the ball kept crossing flight paths they just had to do something

Looming is the first anniversary of a rare moment in Canadian football. Time to break out banners and bunting along Jasper Avenue. Time for that old football hand Peter Lougheed to gift-wrap an oil well, for this is one hell of an event to celebrate.
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