September 10, 1979



It had been 100 days since the people elected him the 16th prime minister. Except for the towering jack pines and the splendor of the Rocky Mountains, it was a day like most in Joe Clark’s political career—he attended a long meeting, in this case the final session of a four-day retreat with his inner cabinet to Jasper.
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Allan Fotheringham, in his column Behind the Myths of Bravery and Pluck, There Was No Pride or Glory at Dieppe (Aug. 13), should remember that any mention of the exploits of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry at Dieppe, 37 years ago, should also include that regiment’s most popular padre, Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Foote, VC, of Cobourg, Ontario.
Vancouver’s core creator 4647

Vancouver’s core creator

At its most elemental it is a football field of cool green glass slicing to the street from a height of seven storeys, drained by three rumbling waterfalls. It is airy and stylish and it presents a new leafy core to the city of Vancouver. After six years of planning and $160 million, Vancouver’s new 35-courtroom Law Courts building opens this week, complementing the year-old Robson Square complex of skating rink, restaurants and government offices.
Emperor Henry’s court 1011

Emperor Henry’s court

Henry Kissinger was showing off, which is one of the things he does best. Hands in pockets, the former secretary of state rolled back and forth on his feet and the Germanic monotone droned on to the heel-toe, heel-toe beat. He was the star speaker (how could he ever be less?)
Flying with trumpets and strings 5859

Flying with trumpets and strings

Time was—in the Ottawa-Hull area, home of the very civil service and meticulously manicured lawns— when a tale of two cities was a simple, thudding description: Hull and Dull. For pencil pushers there were pithy rewards—slog all day and jog all evening.
Dressed to kill and scared to death 12b12c

Dressed to kill and scared to death

"Hey you, roach, get the hell over here,” Corporal Jeff Crane shouted across the runway at his platoon leader, a stocky teen-ager. The kid ran over to Crane, his baggy camouflage fatigues flapping in his wake. He snapped to attention, stamping his oversized combat boots.
Jeté into the big time 67

Jeté into the big time

Covent Garden is Alexander Grant’s home turf. For 30 years the New Zealand-born Grant was the top character dancer with the Royal Ballet. When he took over the helm of Canada’s National Ballet three years ago, one of his goals was to take the new company back to The Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.
Monday bloody Monday 2829

Monday bloody Monday

The sunlight sparkled on the waters of Donegal Bay and gave warmth to the green hills around Mullaghmore. The distinguished figure of Earl Mountbatten of Burma was a familiar, if somewhat unlikely, sight in the tiny seaside village. For more than 30 years he had holidayed there in the family-owned Classiebawn Castle, shopping in the local stores, mingling with the locals and setting sail in his small boat to fish or trap lobsters.
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At 32, Winnipeg songbird Burton Cummings feels he has finally “arrived.” The grand old man of The Guess Who banded together with his CBC Superspecial which will be broadcast next November, and the fans couldn’t stop screaming. The din was even more heartfelt at St. John’s High School, Cummings’ alma mater,where he reunited with his first quintet, The Deverons, and sent the entire gymnasium packed with juvenile boppers half his age into panting bubble-gum fits.
The VTR: servant or thief? 5455

The VTR: servant or thief?

Who stole Donald Duck? Can Donald Duck be stolen? A United States federal court judge in Los Angeles will soon hand down a decision in one of the most perplexing copyright wrangles of modern times. Walt Disney Productions and Universal Pictures, a subsidiary of MCA (Music Corporation of America), are suing the Sony Corporation, the huge Japanese electronics manufacturer of the Betamax videotape recorder (VTR).
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