September 17, 1979


The new high rollers


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The calligraphy of pain

The new high rollers 67

The new high rollers

On May 2,1979, Kellie Everts, “The Girl Who Strips for God,” ended her performance with just one more swing of her 44-inch bosom, leaned over the edge of the stage of Toronto’s Metro Theatre and blew a few moist fuchsia-colored kisses before backing into the wings.
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The calligraphy of pain 4445

The calligraphy of pain

Succulent ice plants with flowers like mauve asterisks cover the sandy slope from Brian Moore’s house to the beach at Malibu. Surfers cling like seabirds to the crests of long, gently spuming waves. Relaxing on the blue cushions of a chaise lounge on his terrace, Moore trains a pair of binoculars beyond the surfers, scanning the silver dazzle of the Pacific for signs of the whales, seals, sea lions and pelicans that visit the coast of southern California.
‘The best job in my life’ 1819

‘The best job in my life’

For more than an hour Tom and Gaetana Enders stood at the head of the receiving line, which wound out a side door of the U.S. ambassador’s spacious Ottawa residence onto the veranda, greeting a Canadian Who's Who one last time. Harrison McCain, chairman of the New Brunswick frozen-food empire, arrived in his private jet for cocktails and canapés.
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Millionaires do not easily part with their fortunes—particularly when they are self-made. So the Ontario government was taken by surprise when “The Duke” of Canadian magazine empire building, Floyd S. Chalmers, 80, decided to turn over his family’s $1-million cultural foundation to the Ontario Arts Council as a carte blanche donation to the notoriously penny-pinched performers and playwrights who have been squeezed by recent government cutbacks.
To invent a better weed trap 16d16e

To invent a better weed trap

"There are two sets of rules in this country,” says Dale Hammill, the mayor of Kelowna, in B.C.’s Okanagan Valley—“the one the rest of us Canadians live by, and then there’s Jennens’ rules.” Despite that buildup, this Jennens of the self-serving rule book is not the mayor’s political rival, a local developer, or even a local Mafia boss.


In The Police and the Public . . . (July 30), Barbara Amiel’s comments concerning British Columbia’s extensive 10-month pilot project of videotaping suspected impaired drivers are misleading. It appears as though she didn’t realize that the drivers’ appearance on camera was entirely voluntary.
Getting tough with détente 3031

Getting tough with détente

In Brussels’ historic Grand-Place, the fun and games were coming to an end as weeks of celebration marking the Belgian capital’s 1,000th birthday drew to a close. The timing was impeccable, because the big act in Brussels last week was provided by former United States secretary of state Henry Kissinger, recently retired NATO chief General Alexander Haig and a supporting cast of several hundred assorted generals, admirals and defence “experts.”
Battle of Highway 101: how green will be the valley? 40B40c

Battle of Highway 101: how green will be the valley?

During the first heady years of his administration, Nova Scotia Premier Robert Stanfield announced grand plans for a new, limited-access highway from Halifax to Yarmouth through the lush Annapolis Valley. Highway 101, he said at the time, would be his government’s top transportation priority after completion of the province’s section of the Trans-Canada Highway.
‘An economist ought to be given the same welcome as a body washed up on shore’ 40T5

‘An economist ought to be given the same welcome as a body washed up on shore’

Back in January, when the world was snowy white, they warned us it would come suddenly this summer. Economists in think tanks and futurists in hot tubs all studied the entrails of their mascot, the weasel word, and proclaimed: the recession is coming, the recession is coming.
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