December 3, 1979


A partnership with time


Pleasure’s third dimension


Panther in her prime

A partnership with time 67

A partnership with time

In 1910 when Hubert Evans was a reporter in Toronto on The Mail and Empire, he interviewed an amputee who could play the piano. The story haunts him today. At 87 Canada’s oldest active author, Evans has battled emphysema, dizziness, heart trouble and near-blindness to write his third novel and he’s afraid he too will be seen as a trick artist.
Pleasure’s third dimension 5455

Pleasure’s third dimension

Dreams of flight are as old as winged angels. Listen to flyers. They talk about perspective, perception, power; about clarity and control; about slipping the bonds of sullen earth. They’re talking about the physical equivalent of the mental state to which men’s souls aspire.
Panther in her prime 20b20c

Panther in her prime

Tow-and-a-half million Canadians, roughly 11 per cent of the population, are aged 65 and over; by the year 2000 their ranks will have swelled by an extra half-million. Birthrates are in decline and pension experts fret and warn of serious things to come—of a vast retired, dependent population that will have to be carried on the backs of an overtaxed, overworked and dwindling population of workers.
The strange case of John Meier, Canadian 89

The strange case of John Meier, Canadian

Vancouver has become known as the new Casablanca, a haven for con artists, terrorists, gunrunners, drug smugglers, jewel thieves and other underworldly characters from around the world. In the past three years alone, Vancouverites have learned that their balmy climate has attracted two suspected IRA members, the Hong Kong expolice chiefs (known as the Five Dragons) who were accused of profiting from the heroin trade, and several other less-publicized but equally seamy figures.
They’re off! The man of love, the Man from Glad 2829

They’re off! The man of love, the Man from Glad

Roger Simmons felt fine on Wednesday morning. The night before, only one day after he had become the freshest Liberal face in the country, he had gone on Newfoundland television and called his leader “absolutely perfect.” But that was yesterday.
In a garden of might-have-beens 6263

In a garden of might-have-beens

THE OBSTACLE RACE by Germaine Greer
Kidder's kid sister 4243

Kidder's kid sister

"I told my kids I wouldn’t bake cookies, but if they ever needed a singer . . .” says Sandra Beech, 37. Her offer was accepted by the three Beech children, who soon had their mother starring in a round of classroom concerts all across Ontario.
Refining the China connection 5051

Refining the China connection

During a 10-course banquet at a restaurant in Toronto’s sprawling Chinatown, Nadine Walton gazed at the pale chicken feet resting in a bowl of soup. “They looked like a bunch of little white hands,” she recalls. But as Chinese friends looked on, pride and a spirit of gastronomic adventure conquered aversion; she nibbled at the claws and found them, surprisingly, good.
‘To the last drop of blood 3435

‘To the last drop of blood

Allah willing, said the prayer of one Moslem scholar, the dawning last week of Islam’s 15th century would mark the beginning of an era of “Islamic reawakening and unity . . after a century of painful servility.” Within hours that prayer had been answered more explosively than its offerer could ever have intended.
Showtrain bound for glory 24b24c

Showtrain bound for glory

This is a success story. It’s the story of one young man’s success. The emphasis here is on young. And, it’s a Canadian story. Canada, where overnight fortunes were once made off the land; now where everyman can use his head and nerve to mine the pocket-books of Toronto and Edmonton and Vancouver.
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