August 11, 1980



Profile: Anton Kuerti

Passionate rebel of the keyboard


If the suit fits, share it



Arthur Erickson now has another stopover to add to his gruelling monthly circuit. Back and forth constantly between Toronto and Vancouver, with weeklong trips to Saudi Arabia and exploratory visits to China sprinkled in between, Canada’s famed West Coast architect will now be spending part of every month in Los Angeles.
Passionate rebel of the keyboard 89
Profile: Anton Kuerti

Passionate rebel of the keyboard

Parry Sound deals in suntan lotion, ice cream and, this summer, some of the cream of the world’s classical musicians. Where loons and outboard motors have always been the common notes, cellist Janos Starker, mezzo-soprano Judith Forst and operatic comedienne Anna Russell, among others, are adding a new sound of summer.
If the suit fits, share it 4849

If the suit fits, share it

Just over four years ago a Montreal physician named Jeffrey Danson went into small claims court and successfully sued the Ford Motor Company of Canada for $297, the cost of replacing the fender that had begun to rust away from the rest of his 1972 Cougar.
Optimism and new lace 1415

Optimism and new lace

Many thanks for the optimistic article Love and Marriage Wedded Once Again (Lifestyles, June 30). It was good to find something in favor of the old-fashioned customs even though the article did deal largely with the superficial trimmings and trappings of it all.
A nursing shortage in need of intensive care 4243

A nursing shortage in need of intensive care

Cherry Ames’s dedication is still alive in the nurses of 1980. However, the dreams of modern nurses go far beyond the nurse-novel stereotypes of giggly passiveness, jealousy of redheads and heartthrobs for doctors named Lex. Today, Cherry would likely be caught up in hi-tech training and collective bargaining.
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When self-made millionaire and super-trucker Tyrone Malone was a 15-year-old high-school dropout, he lurched across California’s cotton fields on a mechanical picker dreaming of smoking tires and three-window coupés. Thirty-five years later the man who “didn’t want to end up on a tractor at 60” is touring Canada from a “copcar” Corvette with his $1-million fleet of racing diesel Kenworths.
Deep in the art of taxes 2223

Deep in the art of taxes

In the curators’ offices at Canada’s National Gallery in Ottawa they keep a list of lost opportunities. The list includes items such as the Gernsheim collection of early European photographs offered to Canada in the 1950s but never pursued.
Getting together for beer and destruction 4647

Getting together for beer and destruction

Police, with characteristic understatement, call it the Big Party phenomenon. In Calgary, it took police equipped with riot sticks, aided by club-wielding neighbors, to vanquish 200-odd partygoers at a suburban bash. In Edmonton, firefighters had to take refuge behind the Plexiglas windows of their pumper truck after they were attacked by beer-bottle-throwing teens at a “bush party.”
Players in a one-man band 5253

Players in a one-man band

O the simple grandeur of it all! There was Sir John on the podium declaiming the Bard’s greatest lines in mellifluous tones, re-creating worlds with just his voice and hands. But times have changed—the number and complexity of one-man shows have grown exponentially since Gielgud toured Ages of Man 20 years ago; dozens have been popping up on Canada’s stages (Billy Bishop Goes to War, Maggie & Pierre and Turning Thirty are among the best known) and the phenomenon shows no signs of withering away.
Let’s not misunderstand each other 67

Let’s not misunderstand each other

Peter C. Newman recently proposed in a Maclean’s editorial that one of the world’s unacknowledged legislators, a poet, be retained to gussy up our new constitution with a rhetorical frill or two. He wants us fitted out, constitution-wise, with stately and measured prose to equal that of the Americans.
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