October 21, 1985

James Cross remembers 12j12k

James Cross remembers

He lives with his wife, Barbara, in the small town of Lymington on the edge of southern England’s New Forest. The neighbors are retired civil servants who enjoy small dinner parties and bridge. But the calm life of James Cross, 64, formerly Her Majesty’s trade commissioner in Montreal, cannot dispel his grim memories of Canada.


The swept over EgyptAir out Sicily of the with Boeing night sky four F-14 737 Tomcat fighters from the U.S. aircraft carrier Saratoga in close escort formation. The jetliner thundered into a NATO air base at Sigonella, on the Italian island’s sparsely populated eastern coast.
News as theatre in the tuna affair 6667

News as theatre in the tuna affair

On July 10, when the people at the CBC’s the fifth estate were interested in tuna only as a sandwich filling, David Guy in the Ottawa bureau of the Newsradio network aired a short item which included: “A department of national defence spokesman confirmed they rejected the Ocean Maid brand tuna because it was unfit to eat.
The Pentagon’s toys 76b76c

The Pentagon’s toys

The administration’s words reflected declared the new intenU.S. tion to cut government costs. In 1981, a year after President Ronald Reagan entered the White House, then-budget director David Stockman declared: “I’m really going to go after the Pentagon.
A painfully slow start to free trade 1819

A painfully slow start to free trade

It began with formal agreement at the highest level, when Prime Minister Brian Mulroney told President Ronald Reagan late last month that Canada wished to open discussions on ways of expanding trade between the two countries. Reagan welcomed the decision and assured Mulroney that he would ask Congress for approval to get the talks under way.
Walter Wolf breaks rank 4647

Walter Wolf breaks rank

From the beginning of his rise to millionaire status in Montreal in the mid-1960s, Austrian-born Canadian multimillionaire Walter Wolf has often been associated with some of the most prominent Progressive Conservatives in the country.
The devilish soul of rock’n’roll T613

The devilish soul of rock’n’roll

Kids are listening to a stupefying assortment of nihilistic bee-bop on their Walkmans these days, and parents who sample the work, say, of Prince or Judas Priest or Ozzy Osbourne can be excused for hollering that the end is near. For middle-age individuals, lyrics such as the following from Motley CrÜe’s song Live Wire are not apt to inspire faith in the mental health of their offspring, let alone the future of planet Earth:
Fashioning a finance industry giant 5051

Fashioning a finance industry giant

When Genstar Corp. was orchestrating its stunning takeover of Toronto-based Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp. in 1981, Genstar chairman Angus MacNaughton and president Ross Turner quietly planned the attack in their mahogany-trimmed San Francisco executive offices overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.
A dark flirtation with history 67

A dark flirtation with history

Conjuring up memories of the October Crisis is difficult. Since then too many events have overtaken the world, too many people have died all over the planet: Belfast, Beirut, San Salvador, South Africa. Our vision is blurred. What did happen in October, 1970?
Anger over a fiery summer 6061

Anger over a fiery summer

It began as a single lightning strike on July 16 near the tiny British Columbia village of Westbridge, about 500 km east of Vancouver. By the end of the month the West fire, as it was called, had consumed 8,000 acres of forest. It was only one of the more than 3,400 fires that burned throughout British Columbia this summer—one of the worst fire seasons in the province’s history.
A crisis of confidence for the banks 4849

A crisis of confidence for the banks

The conservatively dressed, greyhaired man who took the stand in Ottawa last week as the first witness in Supreme Court Justice Willard Estey’s inquiry into two recent Alberta bank failures has a reputation as a gruff, no-nonsense career banker.


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Quebec’s state of siege 1011

Quebec’s state of siege

It began with a ring of a front doorbell at a Montreal mansion one sunny October morning. It ended 59 days later, leaving one man assassinated, more than 450 people arrested and Canadians with an unprecedented peacetime legacy. At 8:15 a.m. on Oct. 5,1970, four men burst into the exclusive downtown home of British Trade Commissioner James Cross.
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