June 23, 1986



The bumper sticker says “I love Bhindranwale”—a slogan that to most Canadians is mystifying. But on cars cruising through Vancouver’s eight-block Punjabi market area it is a common sight, and the area’s East Indian shoppers entertain no doubts about its seriousness.
A beacon of wealthy journalism 4243

A beacon of wealthy journalism

Joseph E. Atkinson became publisher of a seven-year-old minor newspaper, The Evening Star, in 1899, turned it into The Daily Star and, with frequently sensational reporting and an editorial policy strong on good works, made it the country’s biggest paper.
Botha fights a wave of fury 2223

Botha fights a wave of fury

As always, Cape Town’s Parliament chamber was hushed and respectful, its leader’s presence formal and austere, his delivery even and measured. But to many South Africans and observers abroad, President Pieter Botha’s message amounted to a passionate declaration of his intention to continue his fight.
Novices of the novel 5051

Novices of the novel

First-time novelists are a forsaken breed, forced to struggle for attention amid an avalanche of fiction from better-known writers. But during the past several years the book industry has moved to give new authors more exposure. One way is the fiction contest.
America takes the Reds to the movies 4647

America takes the Reds to the movies

That unlikely scenario serves as the premise for Amerika, a $44-million ABC TV mini-series that is due to air next year. Despite its patriotic theme and U.S. setting, ABC producers are filming much of Amerika in Canada to take advantage of lower production costs.
Cloning a crucial gene T449

Cloning a crucial gene

In one of the most poignant medical stories of the past decade, 12-yearold David, “The Bubble Boy” of Houston, Tex., emerged from a lifetime inside a clear plastic prison only to die after 15 days of relative freedom. David, whose last name doctors have never disclosed, succumbed to heart failure at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston on Feb. 22, 1984.


One year after Air-India Flight 182 broke up over the Irish Sea, it is the living who cannot find peace. Arup Das, 46, lost his wife, Ruby, 44, his son Arindam, 14, and his daughter Anita, 16. Now he paces their bungalow in a Toronto suburb, more absorbed by the memories of the past than the demands of the present.
Celebrating a Canadian hero 5657

Celebrating a Canadian hero

The modern definition of a miracle, as you know, is to be in a restaurant where they don’t sing Happy Birthday to You. There are some birthdays, however, that are worth travelling a continent for, especially when it is an 85th birthday, and doubly special when it is for one of Earth’s treasures, by name of Bruce Hutchison.
A warrior among businessmen 3435

A warrior among businessmen

At the April 29 dinner to honor Rowlie Frazee, who was retiring both as chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada and director of the Business Council on National Issues because he had reached the magic age of 65, nearly all the 100 CEOs who attended decried the fact that they themselves would have to give up power under the same circumstances.
Heating up the war on ‘kiddie porn’ 3839

Heating up the war on ‘kiddie porn’

Justice Minister John Crosbie said that he was merely trying to end “excessive permissiveness.” But when he announced tough measures last week to control pornography and prostitution and to protect children from sexual abuse, lobby groups and opposition MPs swiftly accused the government of being what some of them described as absurdly puritanical.
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