January 5, 1987


A turning away from politics


A volatile national mood

A turning away from politics 2425

A turning away from politics

The pulse rate provides clues that can help a skilled physician learn a lot about his patient. In combination with other symptoms and signs, it may point to the presence of diseases of the heart, the arteries, the thyroid or the lungs. More superficially, the pulse rate will mirror strong emotion: anger, elation, fear or great stress.
Low marks for the government 3233

Low marks for the government

Bruce Brown, a respondent in the third annual Maclean's/ Decima Poll, says that he believes Brian Mulroney's Conservatives may have already lost the next federal election. The 51-year-old maintenance supervisor in a Winnipeg hospital says that he used to trust Mulroney.
A volatile national mood 2627

A volatile national mood

Willie Goodyear, a 36-year-old electrician who lives in Carmanville, Nfld., says he does not have a great deal of faith in the men and women who govern Canada. But even though he could only find work for about seven months in the past year, he is surprisingly optimistic about what the future will hold for him, his wife, Jacqueline, and their two children.
When a Good Neighbor forgets 8485

When a Good Neighbor forgets

Returning from a Washington visit some 20 years ago, an easygoing Lester Pearson, then prime minister of Canada, contemplated a question about his sometimes testy alliance with President Lyndon Johnson. He talked at length about personal relationships, shrugged a few times, paused for a moment and added this afterthought: “Actually, it’s probably not that important.
Unicorp fuels a fight 1414a

Unicorp fuels a fight

Historically, the federal Combines Investigation Act, passed in 1910, has proven to be highly ineffective legislation. In nearly a dozen attempts, lawyers representing the federal government never once managed to have a takeover or merger disallowed under the law.
A move toward self-reliance 4647

A move toward self-reliance

In 1983 Monique Decelles, a 29-year-old Montreal college teacher, took a 20-per-cent pay cut as part of a provincial government austerity program. As a result of that pay cut, Decelles, who earns $28,000 a year, is still making less than she earned in 1981.
Bitterness in Bethlehem 1011

Bitterness in Bethlehem

In his office overlooking Holy Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity, Elias Freij, the mayor of Bethlehem, was clearly in a sombre mood last week. In the square, the Christmas tree was lit and the colored lights were strung from the lampposts.
A new emphasis on the family 70d71

A new emphasis on the family

Before they married nine years ago, Paul and Nancy Sexton of Chilliwack, B.C., agreed on a master plan. "We talked about the future and decided that we would take five years to get to know each other before we started a family,” said Paul Sexton, 32, who teaches English at Agassiz Elementary-Secondary School.
Steady as it goes for the new year 1617

Steady as it goes for the new year

A flat economy and a buoyant stock market—contradictory as it sounds, that is the prevailing view of what is in store for 1987. Andrew Sarlos, the resident gnome of Bay Street whose past predictions have been amazingly accurate, forecasts that the Dow Jones Index (currently hovering at 1,920) will hit between 2,400 and 2,600 during the next 12 months, following a dip in the first quarter.
A growing fear of total war 5051

A growing fear of total war

As many North Americans see it, the Soviet Union is a grim garrison state bent on world domination, a land of one party and no freedom, of oppressive gulags and an omnipresent KGB. At least that is the popular Western stereotype, perfected in the cold-warring climate of the 1950s and resurgent in the “evil empire” rhetoric of Ronald Reagan.
'And we have God' 6263

'And we have God'

Rachel Gaudreault's living room in her tiny green house in North Bay, Ont., is a testament to her faith. A painted plaster crucifix hangs above her husband Zephirin's favorite armchair and an illustrated Bible adorns the home-made coffee table.
Sex lives of Canadians 6667

Sex lives of Canadians

Author Pierre Berton once defined a Canadian as "somebody who knows how to make love in a canoe.” But according to the findings of the third annual Maclean's/ Decima Poll, only 18 per cent of adult Canadians say that they have had sex in any type of moving vehicle “such as a car, boat, train, plane or bus.”


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