January 12, 1987



The 1972 pornographic movie Behind the Green Door was a classic of its kind, a raunchy but uncomplicated tribute to the pleasures of casual, loveless sex. But in the jaded 1980s, with the subject of sex surrounded by fear, doubt and anger, such a message seems naïve.
The inner purpose of Vincent van Gogh 4647

The inner purpose of Vincent van Gogh

One way or another almost everyone knows about Vincent van Gogh. His bandaged face, pale and vulnerable, has stared out from a thousand picture postcards. Every child learns about The Ear. And for generations, indifferent reproductions of his sunflower paintings have decorated the walls of student rooms.


Rrumor was circulating in certain Vancouver circles a year ago that Edward Chavarie had developed acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Chavarie, 35, is a slight, well-groomed clerk at Vancouver’s Little Sister’s Book and Art Emporium, which specializes in homosexual subjects.
Munk's glittering gamble 2223

Munk's glittering gamble

Peter Munk, 59, is working on his third fortune. In the 1960s the Hungarian-born, Toronto-based Munk poured his energy into Clairtone Sound Corp., a stereo manufacturing venture. Then, in the 1970s he developed a lucrative chain of hotels in the South Pacific.
Death in a towering inferon 1617

Death in a towering inferon

It was 3:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and, at the Dupont Plaza Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, vacationers relaxed in their rooms or packed the ground-floor casino Walking through the lobby, Kevin Gibson saw smoke billowing from the ballroom.
A tide of change sweeps Ontario 1213

A tide of change sweeps Ontario

The incident dramatically underscored the lack of services available to Ontario’s half million French-speaking citizens. The francophone woman from Northern Ontario entered a Toronto hospital in 1985. She could not fully understand what her English-speaking doctor was telling her, and mistakenly thought he was going to perform a biopsy.
Searching for God in the soul of Man 5253

Searching for God in the soul of Man

On the television screen, a patient at a Hamilton, Ont., psychiatric hospital is about to receive electroshock therapy. Terrified, she struggles against the calm-voiced hospital personnel and shrieks, “Don’t take my heart out!” Same time, same channel, but on a different Wednesday night: Canadian citizens Israel and Frania Rubinek, Jews who survived the Nazi Holocaust, return to Poland for the first time in more than 40 years.
Golden Oldies in the year 2017 89

Golden Oldies in the year 2017

The story is told of the two old people who stumbled into one of those places where teenagers dance, if you can call it dancing. Shocking sights greeted the old people, the most shocking being their own faces in the mirror. And shocking sounds greeted them too, the most shocking being the music the teenagers were dancing to.
A new storm over trade 1011

A new storm over trade

It was the sort of round-the-clock bargaining session usually endured by labor negotiators. Just 90 minutes before a midnight deadline on Dec. 30, a spokesman for the American lumber industry emerged from a Washington, D.C., boardroom to announce that the bitter Canada-U.S. dispute over softwood lumber exports had been settled.
About-face in defence strategy 2829

About-face in defence strategy

All the buzz at next week’s national Conference of Defence Associations will be about the white paper being drafted by Perrin Beatty, the third minister in charge of our military since the Mulroney government came to power in September, 1984.
A rocky road to the 1988 Olympics 4445

A rocky road to the 1988 Olympics

Thirty years ago it was almost unthinkable that a Canadian hockey team would lose an international match. Now, not winning a championship is almost expected. That was the outcome again last week during the four-nation Calgary Cup at the Olympic Saddledome, site of the 1988 Olympic hockey tournament.
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