February 16, 1987



George Barmby, 41, left his parents’ home in Weyburn, Sask., 15 years ago. He has been on the road ever since, living in hostels much of the time and collecting welfare. Last week he slept at the provincial Single Men’s Hostel in Calgary. In Montreal a 35-year-old woman hunched over a table in a McDonald’s restaurant calls herself Rachelle.
Government under siege 1011

Government under siege

The charges were devastating. In Drummondville, Que., the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) conducted a criminal investigation into an influence-peddling case involving Quebec Conservatives. In Ottawa, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney faced allegations that he intervened on behalf of Fred Doucet, his senior adviser, in an attempt to influence a $300,000 legal action.
Olympic countdown 4647

Olympic countdown

The opening ceremonies are just one year away. Next Feb. 13, to the cheers of 50,000 spectators, the last of 6,956 cross-country torch-bearers will turn off the Trans-Canada Highway into Calgary’s McMahon Stadium. Carrying aloft the flickering symbol of the Olympic movement— transported from its home in Olympia, Greece—the final runner will rekindle the Olympic flame to signal the opening of the 1988 Winter Games.
Retreat from the frontier 2627

Retreat from the frontier

At Rankin Inlet, N.W.T., an outpost of 1,400 people on the treeless northwestern shore of Hudson Bay, life revolves around the Hudson’s Bay Co. store. It is the same all across the North where, for more than 300 years, the frontier posts and stores have been a source of anything from food and ammunition to, more recently, dishwashers and television sets.
Jilted at the altar of sports T49

Jilted at the altar of sports

Scalpers asked as much as $1,500 (U.S.) for tickets to this year’s Super Bowl in beautiful Pasadena, Calif., and who knows if there weren’t lunatics out there willing to part with the cash? Numerous deals were consummated in the $300-$500 range—witless enough, since even the vault keepers at the National Football League lacked the courage to set face value at more than $75.
Canadians on the beat in London 6061

Canadians on the beat in London

The man who is tired of London, said the good Dr. Johnson so accurately, is tired of life. The best town in the world does not assault you but just sits there like a large lump, absorbing the wandering pilgrims. The problem is that exhaustion is brought on by the energy of the colonials who have adopted the place and move at a pace slightly above that of the locals.
Speeding up Star Wars 2021

Speeding up Star Wars

The signals were confusing. Arriving on Capitol Hill straight from a meeting with President Ronald Reagan and other top officials, Secretary of State George Shultz assured a Senate panel last week that a decision to deploy the first phase of the Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), the space weapons program popularly known as Star Wars, was at least two years away.
Gamble on Fleet Street T2T3

Gamble on Fleet Street

Just over a year ago Canadian millionaire-businessman Conrad Black took control of Britain’s money-losing Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph newspapers in an investment widely viewed as a gamble. Black appointed his friend Andrew Knight, 47, former editor of The Economist magazine, as chief executive.
Hostages in danger 1819

Hostages in danger

All week the mystery deepened and the rumors flew. One Moslem religious source in Beirut said that Terry Waite, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s special envoy, had been taken hostage and tried by an underground court. He was being held, the source said, in the Lebanese capital’s Shiite Moslem quarter.
Murder and intrigue California-style 4444a

Murder and intrigue California-style

In 1983 Joseph Hunt, 23, stood at the pinnacle of success, Southern California style. His proven skills at trading on the volatile commodities market allowed him to indulge in expensive cars and an extravagant nightlife—and won him the adulation of 30 young men who came from some of the most prominent families in Los Angeles.
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