March 16, 1987



They are two wrenching visions of the justice of man’s ultimate penalty. In Edmonton, still mourning the grisly death of his 16-year-old son Daryn in 1982, Gary Rosenfeldt is bitterly aware that his murderer, Clifford Olson, remains alive in Ontario’s Kingston Penitentiary.


A troubadour’s tracks into the heartland 5253

A troubadour’s tracks into the heartland

Sixteen years: that is how long it had been since Gordon Lightfoot visited the Lakehead. But when he stepped onto the stage of the Thunder Bay community auditorium two weeks ago the audience of 1,550 people greeted him like a long-lost brother.
There was no penalty on the play 6061

There was no penalty on the play

It was seven minutes into the second period in the Regina Agridome on March 1 when 18-yearold Brad Hornung of the Regina Pats cut for the net. As he raced toward the Moose Jaw Warriors’ goal, he spotted Craig Endean open on the left and dished the puck across to him.
The sweep of free trade 2425

The sweep of free trade

As they prepared for a critical meeting with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney this week on free trade, some of Canada’s 10 provincial premiers expressed a sense of apprehension. For several weeks, a series of high-level disclosures from Ottawa has punctured the veneer of secrecy that has covered trade negotiations with the United States.
Gorbachev's long reach 30d31

Gorbachev's long reach

It was a clear case of first-strike diplomacy—and the fallout was impressive. Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s surprise proposal last week to eliminate intermediate-range nuclear missiles (INF) in Europe within five years sent the Western alliance into a diplomatic spin.
Hard questions for the NDP 2021

Hard questions for the NDP

Only a couple of years ago it would have been unthinkable. One freezing weeknight last month New Democratic Party workers persuaded 300 francophone Quebecers to hear party leader Ed Broadbent make a speech in Lachenaie, a small town north of Montreal.
Clever weather clowns 4445

Clever weather clowns

They are the jesters of television journalism, weather forecasters who deliver predictions sprinkled with jokes, pratfalls and comic routines. Willard Scott, the popular weatherman on NBC TV’s Today show, accidentally set his hairpiece on fire last year while delivering a birthday cake to a 100-year-old guest on the show.
Dominoes in a grim game of debt 4041

Dominoes in a grim game of debt

Canadian bankers, dismissing Brazil’s decision to suspend indefinitely the interest payments on its $90.4-billion bank debt as just another temporary blip on their balance sheets, have not read their history. It happened once before.
The Expos face a season without stars 4849

The Expos face a season without stars

On Interstate 95 North, it is only a 2½-hour drive from West Palm Beach, Fla., to the exclusive residential community of Heathrow. But the Montreal Expos at their spring training camp in West Palm and free agent Tim Raines at his new home at Heathrow are separated by more than time and distance.
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