June 29, 1987



It first appeared in 1917 as a patriotic—and supposedly temporary— measure to pay for Canada’s contribution to the First World War. But when the war ended, income tax went on, sprouting amendments and sub-amendments with hearty bureaucratic life.
Should The State KI? 1415

Should The State KI?

Samuel Crozier, a retired farmer who lives in Biggar, Sask., is bitter about the way Canada’s criminal justice system works. Almost 20 years ago his wife, Gladys, was killed when the car she was driving was struck by another vehicle. The other driver, says Crozier, was “95 per cent drunk” and yet he was never charged and “never paid any penalty” because the police did not pursue the case.
Flying blind into the future of art 5253

Flying blind into the future of art

Once the seat of the princes of Hesse, Kassel, West Germany (population, 192,000), now has a distinctly small-town feel. An industrial centre during Hitler’s Third Reich, it was almost totally destroyed in the Second World War. Now, its baroque skeleton is fleshed out with nondescript commercial buildings and cafés, where burghers meet to enjoy cream-covered confections.
A bitter confrontation 1011

A bitter confrontation

By his own admission, Frank Knight is not a militant trade unionist. During 17 years as a post office truck driver in Montreal, he had never carried a picket sign. But when the 20,000-member Letter Carriers’ Union of Canada (LCUC) ordered a series of rotating strikes across the country last week, Knight did not hesitate to join the picket line outside the mammoth postal sorting station in the Montreal suburb of St. Laurent.


Among the three out of five Canadians who either solidly support bringing back capital punishment or who lean toward that position, there is no clear-cut profile of a typical defender. Nor is there a typical abolitionist. But in their broadest outlines, based on The Maclean’s/Decima Poll and follow-up interviews with 40 of the 1,500 respondents, the two groups illustrate a clearcut Canadian duality.
Tension in talking 3031

Tension in talking

With less than 3⅛ months left before Canadian and American negotiators must present a free-trade agreement to the U.S. Congress, there are still "big rocks to move" and "bullets to bite," according to Canada’s chief negotiator. Simon Reisman will not reveal the precise nature of the problems plaguing the talks, but some participants contend that under-staffed, overworked U.S. negotiators have not had time to respond to Canadian proposals.


At the outset of Parliament’s debate on the death penalty, the government proclaimed its commitment to “a full and open debate followed by a free vote.” Conservative MP Douglas Lewis, speaking for the government as he opened the debate on April 27, said that to force a vote on reinstating capital punishment “would be contradictory on a matter of conscience.”
An imperilled people 2627

An imperilled people

They live in smoky communal huts in forests and hills straddling the Brazil-Venezuela border, deep in the heart of untamed Amazonia. They shun clothes and, instead, decorate their bodies with red urucum dye, feathers and flowers. They hunt—and fight—with bows and arrows, and some still use stone tools.
The monks of St. Peter’s 67

The monks of St. Peter’s

It is 6 a.m. The gentle clang of the bells of St. Peter’s Abbey filters through the monastery and out across the gently rolling grain fields encircling the tiny village of Muenster in central Saskatchewan. The Benedictine monks in their black cassocks file into chapel, beginning their day, as they will end it 16 hours later, with prayer.
The $1.2-million sales pitch 8d9

The $1.2-million sales pitch

It was a shameless corporate junket: a $1.2-million grand tour of distillery operations in four countries for about 90 people via the Concorde supersonic jet. For six days earlier this month, the booze cruise was laid on by British food conglomerate Allied-Lyons PLC to highlight its 51-per-cent stake in Canadian multinational distillery giant Hiram Walker-Gooderham & Worts Ltd.
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