August 3, 1987

The 'Spycatcher' Secrets 3839

The 'Spycatcher' Secrets

Much has been written about Harold Wilson and MI-5, some of it wildly inaccurate. But as far as I am concerned, the story started with the premature death of Hugh Gaitskell in 1963. I knew him personally and I recall about a month before he died he told me that he was going to Russia.


Poll by poll, the results trickled in, the first returns greeted by little ripples of applause. But as the trend continued, excitement in Whitehorse’s steamy Yukon Indian Centre swelled. By the end of the evening, when the final vote tallies were announced, the noise was deafening.
The Canada connection 2223

The Canada connection

Senator Daniel Inouye, the Hawaiian Democrat who is chairman of the joint congressional committee on the Iran-contra affair, was clearly in a wistful mood. He told reporters last week that the televised hearings might soon wind up still leaving many questions unanswered.
Riding high on a down-home revival 5051

Riding high on a down-home revival

When Seymour Stein, president of the U.S. label Sire Records, first heard K. D. Lang play—at New York’s Bottom Line club in 1985—he kept scrawling requests for classic country songs and sending them to her onstage. Afterward, while arranging to sign her to a record contract, Stein told Lang, “You are what country music would have been if Nashville hadn’t screwed up.”
Convoy to a minefield 2021

Convoy to a minefield

The U.S. sailors were at their battle stations. Wearing helmets and flack jackets, they manned machine-guns and anti aircraft missiles, while lookouts peered warily through binoculars and technicians scanned radar screens. Steaming north in the Persian Gulf last week, the convoy—two Kuwaiti tankers flying American flags and escorted by three U.S. warships — was inaugurating Washington’s plan to reflag 11 Kuwaiti tankers to protect them from Iranian attack.
A wary welcome for a human cargo 1819

A wary welcome for a human cargo

He was deported from Canada in 1980—after he had lived and worked illegally for at least a year in Vancouver. But last week, 10 days after he waded onto the Nova Scotia coast from the rusty freighter Amelie, Amrik Singh Dhinsa became the first of 174 East Indian refugees to walk free into the warm Halifax night.
How The NDP Would Govern 1415

How The NDP Would Govern

The expressions of concern have been shrill —and often appear exaggerated. An NDP government in Ottawa, Conservative party president William Jarvis declared in a letter to Tory supporters last May, would implement policies that would lead to a “Soviet-style” economy.
Death ride to the American Dream T27

Death ride to the American Dream

Early on a summer morning José Antonio Ramos López, a 22-year-old mechanic, left his home in Pabellón de Arteaga, Mexico, and took a train to Ciudad Juárez. He crossed the Rio Grande with the help of a “coyote”—or smuggler—and entered the United States at El Paso, Texas.
Not Just Another Nice Guy 1213

Not Just Another Nice Guy

It was the sort of spontaneous photo opportunity that press aides dream about. As Ed Broadbent arrived at St. John’s, Nfld., airport for some eleventh-hour campaigning before last week’s byelection votes, a little girl rushed across the crowded terminal to greet him.
An official guide to the periphery 4445

An official guide to the periphery

The exhibition’s poster is a school-room map of the world—with Canada missing. That and the show’s title, From Sea to Shining Sea, contain just the touch of irony to be expected from AA Bronson, the general of Toronto’s art-making trio known as General Idea.
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