September 7, 1987

Trudeau’s star turn 1415

Trudeau’s star turn

Sporting a red rose and a wry smile, Pierre Trudeau, private citizen, returned to Parliament Hill last week. As the star witness for the Constitution, the former prime minister went before a Senate-Commons committee—and a cheering audience—to scrutinize the fine print of the Meech Lake accord.
John Turner’s public struggle 2021

John Turner’s public struggle

Liberal MP Donald John ston says that he no longer feels quite so lonely. In May, Johnston defied his party and his leader, John Turner, by opposing the Meech Lake constitutional accord. But last week Johnston suddenly found a new and unlikely ally: Liberal party president Michel Robert.


In 1957 a Maclean's report on job opportunities for the young outlined a future of almost unlimited options. Choose carefully, the article advised male high-school graduates, adding that there were “two things today’s careerseeker can be sure of: his services will be more in demand than ever before, and he’ll be paid more for them.” Thirty years later the outlook is radically different.
Worries Among The Dreams 3839

Worries Among The Dreams

Maclean’s asked more than 60 young people across Canada what they like about childhood and what they dislike, what they look forward to and what bothers them about becoming grownups. A sampling of their answers: I just love dancing. You get to run around and be free.
Rock ’n’ roll in red 89

Rock ’n’ roll in red

The packed concert hail was buzzing with energy. Suddenly, deafening applause broke out as the lead singer of the hard-rock band Stayer strutted out before close to 1,500 waiting fans. With his pink skintight trousers, studded leather belt and blond hair spiked with fashion gel, he displayed the daring sexuality typical of a top-of-the-charts rock star.
Going nowhere in the fast lane 52U9

Going nowhere in the fast lane

There used to be songs about lazy, hazy days of summer. There used to be television commercials in which people got out of the city, put on sunglasses, opened a beer and just sat back. But you don’t hear those songs or see those commercials anymore. These are Fast Times.
Masks and moral icons U14U15

Masks and moral icons

SARTRE: A LIFE By Annie Cohen-Solal Translated by Anna Cancogni
The case for a free trade accord U813

The case for a free trade accord

As the Oct. 5 deadline looms on the U.S.-Canada free trade talks, uncertainty still appears to be the order of the day. Canadian Trade Minister Pat Carney gives the deal 60-to-40 odds in favor of success. Chief Canadian negotiator Simon Reisman rates the chances of success at only fifty-fifty.
The battle for hockey supremacy 4849

The battle for hockey supremacy

phil Esposito wiped the perspiration from his hands with a napkin and rocked back and forth in his chair at the Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ont. The former NHL superstar and current general manager of the New York Rangers was simply watching an exhibition game.
Enduring magnetism 1819

Enduring magnetism

His social calendar is constant fodder for gossip columns. And his arrival at public events still causes heads to swivel, attracting stares usually reserved for movie stars and athletes. Three years out of power, Pierre Trudeau’s magnetism remains undiminished by the toll of age, fatherhood or the more mundane requirements of his law practice.
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