September 28, 1987



The story of Garth Drabinsky’s meteoric rise is the stuff of legend. And if he ever did become the subject of a movie, Drabinsky’s own burgeoning empire would have the resources to produce, promote, distribute and exhibit it on a grand scale.
Team Canada: greatest show on ice 50B51

Team Canada: greatest show on ice

The towel around his neck was soaked with perspiration and champagne. From the ceiling in the Team Canada dressing room, spray from shaken Labatt’s beer cans dripped steadily, pausing only briefly on his brow before joining the stream of sweat running off his chin into his saturated jersey.


The bail hearing in Vancouver’s glass-roofed Law Courts building was expected to take two hours. Instead, it was over in five minutes. Facing B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Allan McEachern, Crown prosecutor James Taylor admitted that his case against two B.C. men, Harjit Singh Atwal and Piara Singh Natt, was based on tainted evidence.
Making a safer world 2021

Making a safer world

Two days of intensive talks lay behind them. Then, at the start of the third day U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz and his Soviet counterpart, Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze, beamed brightly for the assembled cameras in Shultz’s woodpanelled Washington office.
The free trade countdown 1415

The free trade countdown

Their faces told the story. After seven hours of reviewing the uncertain prospects for a free trade agreement with the United States, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the 10 premiers looked drawn and gloomy as they left the Langevin Block across the street from the Parliament Buildings last week.
The comic book’s quest for maturity 6667

The comic book’s quest for maturity

The sun never shines in Radiant City. Searchlights slice through perpetual midnight, casting razor-sharp shadows on ominous Art Deco skyscrapers. The inhabitants—victims of a botched experiment in mood-altering architecture—live a waking nightmare of sleep disorders and drug addictions.
The Counters 34_234_3

The Counters

Elements on a trendline
Educating the managers 2829

Educating the managers

The 75 shareholders who gathered in a downtown Toronto meeting hall on Sept. 4 for a special meeting of Toronto-based Union Enterprises Ltd. were ready for a fight. They said that they were upset about a complicated plan to restructure the company.
Fears about AIDS 45

Fears about AIDS

I received your Aug. 31 Cover/Special Report, “AIDS and sex,” with the beautiful rhetoric on the front page: “The panic level is rising, and more and more people are asking: when is sex safe? Their lives depend on the answer.” I have the answer: one simple word, monogamy.
Toys & Trials 34_1634_17

Toys & Trials

A world for the even fitter
A strange way to run a company T811

A strange way to run a company

In the Queen Elizabeth Building, an upright machine occupied a lonely corner near the “Bravo Canada!” exhibit at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Beside the machine was a set of golf clubs. A demonstrator listlessly swung a club at the white golf ball attached to the machine, and he watched the results on the machine’s monitor.
An architect by design T16U3

An architect by design

At once mammoth and improbable, it rises amid a tangle of freeway ramps in the industrial Japanese seaport of Kobe: a 75-foot fish made of chain link, its head and tail straining upward into the urban air. The fish, and the thriving Fishdance restaurant beneath it, are among the most recent works by Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based architect Frank Gehry, 58.
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