October 26, 1987



The verdict was quick, crushing—and intensely personalized. Through recurrent scandals, New Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield had insisted that only the voters who gave him four successive election victories could remove him from office.
A hockey player’s victory in court 4647

A hockey player’s victory in court

By turning in his seat at the defence table last week, onetime professional hockey player Brian Spencer could see two other former National Hockey League teammates in Florida’s Palm Beach county circuit court. Behind Spencer sat ex-New York Islander Gerry Hart and Richard Martin, a retired Buffalo Sabre.
The panic on Wall Street 3637

The panic on Wall Street

Three new books predicting a sudden and devastating collapse on the high-flying New York Stock Exchange have sold briskly over the past two months. Numerous recent magazine articles have forecast a bloodbath on Wall Street even worse than the calamitous crash of 1929.
Worldwide storms in the shipyards 4041

Worldwide storms in the shipyards

For more than 20 years the MV Wheat King hauled grain from Thunder Bay to terminals in Montreal and other ports in Quebec for export overseas. On the return trips, the 730-foot vessel hauled Quebec and Labrador iron ore to U.S. and Canadian steel mills on the Great Lakes.
Assessing an outcast 12b12c

Assessing an outcast

Farley Mowat has provided Canadians with many surprises over the years. Author of such best-selling books about animal life as Never Cry Wolf (1963), Mowat, 66, is also known for his activism in a variety of causes. With his latest book, Virunga, Mowat takes a sympathetic look at the the life of Dian Fossey, whose work with the rare mountain gorillas of Central Africa’s Virunga mountains made her a controversial figure.
Britain’s assault on the Commonwealth 2425

Britain’s assault on the Commonwealth

For the Commonwealth leaders, tired after two days of a tense summit in Vancouver last week, it was a rare chance to relax. The evening began with a buffet dinner of salmon, lamb and beef at the isolated Okanagan Lake Resort near Kelowna, B.C., where the leaders had been flown under heavy security for a 24-hour retreat.


In 1974, campaigning for a second term as New Brunswick premier, Richard Hatfield captured the imagination of a province of Ford and Chevrolet drivers by touring its winding highways in a sports car. The sleek, sexy Bricklin was unlike anything most New Brunswickers had ever seen.
High drama behind the screen 5051

High drama behind the screen

Armed with documents, a film producer and his lawyer walked into a meeting at Telefilm Canada’s midtown Toronto offices last month expecting to conclude a deal. Months earlier officials of the federal agency, which was founded in 1967 to help fund Canadian film productions—later expanding to televisionhad assured him that if he found independent financing and a commitment from a major broadcaster, Telefilm would guarantee the rest of the money he needed.
A global dimension 45

A global dimension

The essay by Ingrid Botting, a young graduate of Kelvin High School in Winnipeg, was refreshing (“Most of us are scared,” Cover, Sept. 7). She is obviously a thoughtful and mature person. Young people like Ingrid give us a sense of excitement about our country and a feeling of hope for its future.
A national dreamer in the spotlight 6061

A national dreamer in the spotlight

Prying off miniature roofs as he proudly displays a model of the new theatre that he will soon be a partner in running, Guy Sprung resembles an affable, bearded giant. Certainly for the past 15 years, the 40year-old artist has been a towering presence on the national theatre scene, stepping effortlessly between most of Canada’s major cities.
Countdown to the electric chair T413

Countdown to the electric chair

Paula Cooper committed murder, and the state of Indiana intends to make her pay at the prevailing rate—in other words, to one day strap her into a straight-backed chair and apply the juice. It may be some time before Cooper actually assumes the role of resistor in the correction system’s integrated circuitry—the appeal process still must run its coursebut barring a reversal of the conviction or reduction of the sentence, she will perish in the approved manner, and justice, American-style, will have been done.
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