February 1, 1988

The sexy, wealthy world of Mount Royal 4647

The sexy, wealthy world of Mount Royal

Some viewers say that it is not good enough. Others complain that it is not bad enough. From the casting of its lead role to the airing of its first episode, Mount Royal has been a focus of public controversy. But a month after the splashy première of CTV’s extravagant new series, one thing is clear: there has never been a Canadian show like it.


The sight was unique in the annals of Olympic history. More than 8,065 km from Greece and 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, the Olympic flame arrived in Inuvik, N.W.T., last week—conveyed on a sled pulled by seven dogs decked out in sleigh bells.
Iowa’s campaign circus 1819

Iowa’s campaign circus

A crowd of 2,600 people had jammed into the atrium of a gleaming, new Des Moines office complex, beneath a cascade of red, white and streamers. As a Dixieland band sent up a trombone salute, the throng rose in a resounding ovation for the politician bounding onto the makeshift stage.
Springtime talent and summer stardom 5051

Springtime talent and summer stardom

One is a classically trained actress who lives in Toronto, speaks with a soft English accent and has proven her versatility with a career that has taken her from the Shakespearean stage to daytime TV soap opera. The other is a sleek young model with the flavor of French Canada in her voice, the promise of stardom in her eyes and no previous acting experience.


The Canadian odyssey began in a light snowfall in St. John ’s, Nfld., last Nov. 17, when two former Olympians proudly raised the three-pound torch for the first time and carried it down historic Signal Hill. Ferd Hayward, 76, who as a race walker in the 1952 Helsinki Games became the first Newfoundlander to compete as a Canadian in the Olympics, shared the honor of carrying the Olympic flame for its first kilometre with the legendary figure skater Barbara Ann Scott-King, 58, a gold medal winner in the 19U8 Games at St.
An immigration storm 1011

An immigration storm

On Dec. 26, 1968, an Air France jet flew from Beirut to Athens carrying two determined young Arab men. Later that day the pair rushed onto the tarmac of Athens airport, firing a submachine-gun and tossing grenades at a Boeing 707 jetliner bearing the pale-blue Star of David of El Al, the Israeli national airline.
Ronald Reagan and the trade deal 4B9

Ronald Reagan and the trade deal

Everything was looking good for Canadian supporters of free trade as 1988 began. The polls were improving, the President and the Prime Minister had signed the agreement. Sure, the issue was tearing the country apart, but maybe the tearing apart would stop.
The Osler affair 3031

The Osler affair

The impromptu board of directors’ meeting held on the morning of Dec. 14 was an ominous sign. It had been more than six months since the 12 directors of Osler Inc., a 102-year-old Toronto-based brokerage firm, had met formally as a board. Inside Osier’s luxurious boardroom, the 10 Toronto-based directors were welcomed by the familiar voices of the company’s Montrealbased directors, Michel CÔté and Robert Carrier, on a speaker phone.
A Liberal rebel breaks ranks 1213

A Liberal rebel breaks ranks

When Liberal MPs rose last week to give John Turner a standing ovation on his first day back to Parliament after the Christmas break, it was a rare display of unanimous support for their leader. The applause came just hours after Turner had received a two-page letter from prominent Montreal MP and former Liberal leadership contender Donald Johnston, stating that Johnston had decided to sit in the House of Commons as an Independent Liberal.
A tense wait along the border 2021

A tense wait along the border

On Christmas Eve, 1986, Iranian forces launched a major assault on Basra, a sprawling Iraqi city near the southeastern border with Iran—a bloody two-month siege that eventually took 65,000 lives. Last month, with the arrival of cool winter weather, the Iranians threatened another offensive in the seven-year war, and Iraqi troops braced for attack.
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