February 22, 1988



In the end, Calgary’s mercurial weather could hardly have been more co-operative. The temperature dropped to an appropriately wintry-4°C. The wind whipped the flags around McMahon Stadium, and the sun, as if on cue, broke through a heavy cloud cover just in time to spotlight the start of the opening ceremonies of the XV Olympic Winter Games.
For the glory of ABC and Skippy 6061

For the glory of ABC and Skippy

There are, on the Olympic slopes of Mount Allan, the dutiful volunteers on skis who stand guard for thee, policing the course, making sure the contestants pass through the right gates on the way down. They hate the uniforms issued to them. They think the weird colors are ugly.
The ‘do or die’ primary 2829

The ‘do or die’ primary

It was a rare display of emotion by a presidential candidate who had just been characterized by a political rival as a bloodless technocrat. Campaigning in Manchester, N.H., Gov. Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts—the leading Democrat in this week’s pivotal first presidential primary—dropped by Dimitrios Bakolas’s corner grocery store.
A quest for rebirth and reform 38B39

A quest for rebirth and reform

While the daily infighting of the Commons grabs the headlines, behind the scenes Canada’s political parties are desperately seeking winning formulas for the next election campaign. Unlike the backroom strategists of the Tories and the NDP, who keep that fractious process away from public scrutiny, Liberal delegates last week openly argued with experts on the details of the party’s 1988 electoral platform during their third and final “Canada Conference.”
The Dominican nickel dispute 3637

The Dominican nickel dispute

After running a ferronickel mine in the Dominican Re public for 15 years, Torontobased Falconbridge had achieved a dismal profit and loss record. In seven profitable years the mine had earned $53 million, but in eight unprofitable years the mine had lost $197 million on its ferronickel, a form of nickel combined with iron. Throughout 1987, world nickel prices Throughout 1987, world rose, demand was high and inventories low.
The Principal saga 3838A

The Principal saga

When Christa Petracca took the stand at the investigation that prominent Calgary lawyer William Code is conducting into the collapse of companies associated with the $1.2-billion Edmonton-based Principal Group Ltd., lawyers expected that, because of her intimate knowledge of the workings of the fallen corporate empire, her testimony would produce revelations.
Waiting for Lucien 1819

Waiting for Lucien

He is at once a superbly qualified and highly unlikely candidate for federal office. Until his appointment in 1985 as Canada's ambassador to France, Lucien Bouchard had devoted most of his political life to the fight for Quebec independence.
Rolling into history 54B55

Rolling into history

Since it first appeared in Canada in the 1850s, the caboose, with its cozy appearance and bright colors, has appealed to railway fans. But now the romantic railcar, hooked onto the end of freight trains like an exclamation mark at the end of a sentence, seems destined to chug its way into Canadian history.


Even the august International Olympic Committee (IOC) reflected the distinctly western flavor of the 1988 Winter Olympics at its pre-Games meetings in Calgary last week. The committee, which orchestrates the global Olympic movement, gave its 91 members goldplated identity badges depicting a horse’s head hitched to the IOC’s five-ring Olympic symbol.
Splendor on the Seine 5859

Splendor on the Seine

Many Canadians regard a trip to Paris as a kind of pilgrimage to the mecca of Western civilization. With its wealth of art and architecture, the City of Light has always seemed to emit an enviable glow of high culture. But this month two Canadian women have provided ample proof of Canada’s own sophistication.
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