May 9, 1988

Love letters from a witness to war 5253

Love letters from a witness to war

Jerry has been having a good go at us. I was lying in bed last night reading a book called The British Infantrymen when the sirens went. A few moments later I heard ack ack and rockets in the distance, and then they opened up quite close. They make a hell racket.
Buying Canada’s place in space 4041

Buying Canada’s place in space

For most people, exploring the universe evokes images of sleek spacecraft and brave astronauts. But as Canada prepares to launch its most ambitious space project yet, the correct image may be that of what Spar Aerospace Ltd. vice-president Christopher Trump calls “tow and servicetruck” operators in deep space.


Liberal Leader John Turner and his wife, Geills, had just sat down to dinner when there was an urgent telephone call from Liberal Senator Pietro Rizzuto. Rizzuto, a longtime supporter of Turner and a key party fund raiser, told his embattled leader that they had to meet as soon as possible to discuss a critical matter.


The Dixieland band was playing a rousing Happy Birthday as Sharon Carstairs greeted jubilant supporters at the downtown Winnipeg Holiday Inn. On her 46th birthday Manitoba voters had bestowed a stunning gift on the Liberal leader: 20 seats in the legislature.
A dangerous prospect of losing 3435

A dangerous prospect of losing

An overflow crowd in the gym at Ohio’s University of Akron was listening to one of Jesse Jackson’s flights of rhetoric last week when a white man leaped to his feet in the bleachers and tried to shout him down. But as angry spectators turned on the heckler, the Democratic presidential hopeful urged his supporters: “Don’t react.
Little to show from the final summit 2627

Little to show from the final summit

The congressional aides worked quickly. Moments before Prime Minister Brian Mulroney stepped into the 500-seat House of Representatives chamber for his first address to Congress, and the first by a Canadian prime minister in 11 years, rows of seats remained empty.
Le Pen’s ‘earthquake’ 3233

Le Pen’s ‘earthquake’

He once dismissed the Nazi extermination of Jews as a mere “detail” of history. He campaigned on a platform of “Keep France French,” advocating the expulsion of all immigrant workers. But last week, when National Front Leader Jean-Marie Le Pen called the results of the first round of France’s presidential elections a “political earthquake,” few Frenchmen appeared to disagree.
An actress who dares to bare her soul 7071

An actress who dares to bare her soul

The role of Maryse Holder, the middle-aged intellectual who self-destructs on a sordid, sexual blowout in the film A Winter Tan, is one to make any Hollywood glamor queen shudder. She wears no makeup and a haircut that looks as if it had been executed with kitchen shears.
‘No one owes Canada a living’ 1213

‘No one owes Canada a living’

Cliff Hatch Jr. weaves his Mercedes in and out of London traffic snarls. It seems like a million miles away from Walkerville, Ont., where he and his family lived just a year ago when Hatch was named chief financial officer of Britain’s 21st-largest corporation, Allied-Lyons PLC.


This letter is to congratulate you for the superb April 11 cover package, “Engineers of the mind.” For our ill relatives and for us, their families, ongoing research is vital as we live with the constant hope that technology such as PET and MRI will provide answers we are confident exist.
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