May 16, 1988



Mining gold, says Vancouver promoter Robert Friedland, is like playing three-dimensional chess. First someone has to explore for it, then find someone rich enough to finance the venture —and, finally, battle some of the harshest conditions on earth to extract it.
The long fight back 1011

The long fight back

After beating back a series of assaults on his leadership, John Turner sought refuge far from the political turbulence of Ottawa—and the internal divisions in the Liberal party’s Quebec wing. At a community meeting in Turner’s home riding of Vancouver Quadra last week, a sympathetic overflow crowd of 900 gave the federal Liberal leader two standing ovations during a two-hour-long question-and-answer session.
Ontario’s minorities reach for power 1213

Ontario’s minorities reach for power

The gruelling and sometimes acrimonious meeting in Toronto’s Central Technical High School lasted 10 hours. When it was over, 31-year-old Tony Ianno, a political aide on leave from Ontario Premier David Peterson’s office, had won the Liberal nomination for the redistributed federal riding of Trinity-Spadina.
Seeking guidance from the heavens 2021

Seeking guidance from the heavens

The revelation was guaranteed to lend spice to a political season that was becoming predictable. According to a new book by fired White House chief of staff Donald Regan, astrology has helped plot the key moments of Ronald Reagan’s presidency—including the timing of the signing ceremony, during last December’s Washington summit, of the intermediate nuclear arms treaty with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.
Poland’s days of challenge 1819

Poland’s days of challenge

At first glance, it appeared to be a repeat of events that began unfolding eight years ago, when a strike at Poland’s Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk transformed a series of scattered protests over rising meat prices into a nationwide workers’ reform crusade.
Invasion of the Latins 6061

Invasion of the Latins

In North American publishing history, 1988 will likely rank as the Year of the Latins. Led by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez, writers from virtually every South American country are appearing on publishers’ lists in unprecedented numbers.
The year that the earth moved 8b9

The year that the earth moved

It was the year that was, an astonishing 12 months that began with the Tet offensive and ended with men circling the moon—a once-in-a-life-time extravaganza of events that bedazzled Americans, enraged them, brought them to tears and to their feet and, at last, left them wondering about their invincibility, about their future, about almost everything.
The price of freedom 2829

The price of freedom

When kidnappers freed three French hostages in Lebanon last week, the initial reaction back home was elation. But by the afternoon of May 5, as the trio returned from three years’ captivity at the hands of pro-Iranian extremists, the mood had begun to change.
Israel’s 48-hour invasion 24d25

Israel’s 48-hour invasion

The Israeli army—frustrated by the constraints and adverse publicity of combatting the five-month-old Palestinian uprising—was clearly pleased to switch its focus from policing to soldiering. Infantrymen cheered and waved their rifles jubilantly as they crossed Israel’s northern border at the start of last week’s massive, 48-hour incursion into South Lebanon.
Manitoba’s new audio threat 6465

Manitoba’s new audio threat

We are in for a new sound in the land. Be prepared for it. Adjust your sets, if not your ear-drums. Your eardrums are going to take a lot of damage. Reason is that Sharon Carstairs is the new star in Canadian politics and her voice has all the charm of fingernails being dragged over a blackboard.
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