June 6, 1988

Michael Dukakis Up Close 2223

Michael Dukakis Up Close

In the sprawling Boston suburb of Brookline, the genteel red-brick house at 85 Perry St. is—like its owner —partially hidden from view. High hedges and a flowering chestnut tree conceal its weathered façade from passers-by. And on a recent Sunday the house might have gone unnoticed had it not been for half a dozen secret service agents outside, keeping watch over the man code-named Peso.


It was a small, but possibly prophetic indicator of future Canadian American relations. The 50 governors of the United States were meeting in Boise, Idaho, with seven Canadian premiers as their guests. But as the 1986 meeting progressed, the Canadians were clearly growing uneasy when the governors launched a bitter verbal attack against another foreign guest—the Japanese ambassador to Washington—over his country’s trade policies.
Dry wells and springs of hope 5051

Dry wells and springs of hope

Water is a commodity that most people take for granted-until it becomes scarce. Then it becomes a precious resource. That is particularly evident during the current drought affecting Alberta and Saskatchewan and several parts of the United States. In Alberta, one woman took a job as a dancer in a bar because her husband refused to sell their failing farm — and, she said, they needed the extra money.


Times were grim in the early 1980s for Taunton, Mass., as they were for many of the old industrial towns of the northern United States. For over a century, Taunton (population 45,000), 60 km south of Boston, had been the centre of the U.S. silverware industry.
The Politics of Summer 1011

The Politics of Summer

International Trade Minister John Crosbie had been gearing up for the occasion for weeks. But when the moment finally arrived to unveil the government's historic free trade legislation last week there were some unexpected hitches. For almost an hour opposition MPs in the House of Commons kept Crosbie waiting while they clashed with the Tories over a motion clearing the way for a free vote on Canada’s abortion laws.
Seeking a ‘new face’ for socialism 3435

Seeking a ‘new face’ for socialism

While Red Army bandsmen rehearsed two national anthems, protocol officers hastily rescheduled events to accommodate a last-minute change in Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s timetable. As the fourth Ronald ReaganGorbachev summit meeting approached, officials in Moscow were preoccupied with ensuring that the events unfolded smoothly.
Marvels and magic under the big top 7071

Marvels and magic under the big top

When Guy Laliberté was 14, he packed up his accordion and ran away from his family’s Montreal home. One month was all that he could take as a downtown street musician, but the open-air stage attracted him again a few years later. At 18, Laliberté—the son of an aluminum company vice-president and his pianist wife—dropped out of school to learn how to walk on stilts and swallow burning torches.
A spreading German gloom 4041

A spreading German gloom

The Second World War left Germany with little more than flattened factories, burned fields and millions of hungry and homeless people. But with massive infusions of Western aid under the Americansponsored Marshall Plan, the newly created Federal Republic of Germany rebuilt itself with inventiveness and energy.
Principal’s missing millions 8d9

Principal’s missing millions

It is May 17, Day 104 of the inquiry into the collapse of the Principal Group Ltd., and supersalesman Ken Marlin attends with his lawyer. The hearing room in an Edmonton highrise is littered with transcripts, lawbooks and microphones. For eight months the media and police have attended the hearings, under the chairmanship of lawyer William Code, and proceedings are telecast daily.
A mental block at midnight 7273

A mental block at midnight

It is a nice street. The perfect street. Only one short block long, bothered only by the lowering jets headed for the airport. Leafy trees, full of squirrels, tower above the three-storey row houses. The houses are so narrow you could swing a cat, if you could find a large enough cat, and hit both walls.
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