June 27, 1988

The debate over a fall vote 89

The debate over a fall vote

The statement seemed to startle even some of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s closest advisers. At a tribute to veteran Quebec MP Roch LaSalle in Ville des Laurentides last week, Mulroney lauded the former cabinet minister as “a deeply honorable man—a great Quebecer and a great Canadian.”


Somewhere beyond the horizon, it begins. And by the time it whips across Old Wives Lake, 50 miles to the southwest of Regina, the dry wind is as hot and unrelenting as the air from an open blast furnace. Old Wives Lake, which is 18 miles long and 12 miles wide, used to be deep enough to water-ski on.


George Frerichs drives an 11year-old car, he has been using the same tractor for 15 years, and his grain truck is 21 years old. A wheat farmer from Rosetown, Sask., 70 miles southwest of Saskatoon, Frerichs said that 41 per cent of his income last year came from government subsidies.
A game that is just an excuse 6061

A game that is just an excuse

There is something about golf that has always puzzled me. Closer to the truth, everything about golf puzzles me. There is only one sport in the world more boring than golf. That is curling. Golf, since the advent of the motorized golf cart (compulsory on many California courses), doesn’t even involve exercise.
A world-class meeting 1819

A world-class meeting

In the relaxing June heat last weekend, Toronto’s Summit Square looked like a hybrid of an amusement park, beer garden and high-security prison. Surrounded by a 15-foothigh steel fence, the temporary hospitality centre for visiting journalists was a symbol of the iron-willed efforts of police to ensure security at the 14th annual economic summit of the world’s top industrialized nations.
Thrills and frills for summer readers 5253

Thrills and frills for summer readers

Deciding where to go for a family vacation can pose a dilemma: finding a spot that will please everyone without demolishing the budget. This year’s slate of summer reading offers an alternative: fast, cheap transportation to a range of destinations as exotic as any offered in a travel-agency brochure.
A threatened continent 2425

A threatened continent

With its calm, protected waters, Whalers’ Bay on Antarctica’s Deception Island serves as a haven for marine animals. Along beaches of black volcanic sand, against a backdrop of snow-white mountains, thousands of elephant seals and penguins bask in the sun.
The visual obsessions of a gifted man 5859

The visual obsessions of a gifted man

Edgar Degas once proclaimed, “I would like to be illustrious and unknown.” It is a fate that the French painter, who died in 1917, has almost achieved. His distinctive signature, emblazoned on a T-shirt or a museum banner, is sufficient to trigger images of race courses and concert halls, of running horses and freshly bathed women.
Duarte’s failed dream 2223

Duarte’s failed dream

In a clearing on the densely forested slopes of the extinct volcano that looms behind the city of San Salvador, the screech of power saws and the pounding of hammers drowned out the sounds of nature last week. On the high ground where the superrich of embattled El Salvador make their homes, another luxurious mansion was under construction.
Fighting over the fighters’ millions 5455

Fighting over the fighters’ millions

Like an overhand right, the numbers have a stunning effect. When Mike Tyson, the undefeated heavyweight champion, holder of the garish belts of all three divisive divisions in boxing—the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation—meets Michael Spinks, the undefeated challenger on June 27 in Atlantic City, N.J., it will be the richest prizefight in history.
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