August 22, 1988

The Scent Of Freedom 1415

The Scent Of Freedom

It is a scene that would have been unthinkable just two years ago. At 10:15 on a midsummer morning, the weekly trading session of the Budapest stock exchange is declared open. Casually dressed businessmen and women seated around an oval conference table in a modern office block calmly buy and sell stocks and bonds as chief trader Erika Timkóné calls out their names.
The Great One becomes a King 3839

The Great One becomes a King

Tuesday, Aug. 9, 1988, is a day that few Canadian hockey fans will ever forget—the day the country lost its national hero, Wayne Gretzky, to the United States. Last week, in one of the biggest deals in sports history, Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington traded the 27-year-old centre and two other Oilers to the Los Angeles Kings and, in return, got two Kings players, three first-round draft choices over five years—and $18 million.
Canada’s critical ceasefire mission 2829

Canada’s critical ceasefire mission

In a windowless steel-sided hangar at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, Ont., 170 km west of Ottawa, scores of fatigue-clad soldiers lined up last week to complete preparations for a major overseas mission. Moving from desk to desk, they updated their wills and pay records, received vaccinations and dental checkups, and chatted with the chaplains.
The Spring That Died 1213

The Spring That Died

Just before 2 a.m. on Aug. 21, 1968, the high-pitched sound of aircraft landing in quick succession at Prague’s Ruzyne Airport shattered the stillness of the summer night. Soviet paratroopers burst out of the planes and seized the airport.
Fighting for a landmark 3435

Fighting for a landmark

From the beginning, the strange saga and bizarre cast of characters have scandalized the pinstriped British business world. Three years ago, mysterious Egyptian financier Mohamed Al-Fayed touched off the most acrimonious business war in recent British history when he bought House of Fraser PLC, the parent company of London’s world-renowned Harrods department store, from under the nose of flamboyant British industrialist Roland (Tiny) Rowland.
The hysteria over child abuse S25

The hysteria over child abuse

The child-abuse bandwagon has been slow in coming to Britain, but when it arrived, it did so with a vengeance. It made its public debut on the evening of Oct. 30, 1986, at 8:30 to be precise. That was the night that the BBC began what it described as “a major campaign against child abuse” and kicked it off with a one-hour-and-45-minute program called Childwatch.
The Prime Minister and the media 4444a

The Prime Minister and the media

The town of Comox, one-third the way up the east coast of Vancouver Island from Victoria, holds an annual four-day midsummer festival called Nautical Days, at the end of July and beginning of August. This year, on the holiday Monday, Aug. 1, the guests of honor were Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and his family.
Bush’s ‘silver foot’ 3031

Bush’s ‘silver foot’

In New Orleans’s cavernous Louisiana Superdome, the elements for this week’s Republican National Convention were settling into place. The three-ton blue drape screening off half the 87,500-seat football stadium had been arranged to create a sense of intimacy for the 4,554 delegates and alternates at the start of the convention on Aug. 15.
The Congress says yes 67

The Congress says yes

For most of its turbulent history, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s push for free trade with the United States has produced powerful emotions on both sides of the debate. Ever since Mulroney and President Ronald Reagan discussed the idea of barrierfree commerce between Canada and the United States at the Quebec City summit in March, 1985, the issue has dominated relations between the two countries, divided public opinion and heated up Canadian politics.
Australian cultural imperialism? 4849

Australian cultural imperialism?

This falls under the category, one supposes, of biting the fingers that feed you. It is supposedly one of the most despicable acts of human nature. Personally, I feel there are so many despicable acts to consider that one must inevitably succumb to some of them.
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