August 29, 1988



The giant C-5 Galaxy transport plane, taller than a three-storey building, landed and thundered along the tarmac at Baghdad airport last week. On board, Canadian Pte. Larry LeClair, 22, awoke from a fitful sleep, dazed from the 12-hour flight from Canadian Forces Base Trenton, Ont., across the icy Atlantic and southern Europe to war-ravaged Iraq.
Mystery deaths in the afternoon skies 28FR1

Mystery deaths in the afternoon skies

The American-made C-130 transport plane took off from the Pakistani airbase at Bahawalpur, 100 km west of the Indian border, at about 4:30 p.m. last Wednesday. On board were President Mohammed Zia ul-Haq and 29 others, including 10 senior Pakistani army officers and Arnold Raphel, the 45-year-old U.S. ambassador to Pakistan.
Quayle rocks the boat 2425

Quayle rocks the boat

It was a week when events failed to untold as Vice-President George Bush had planned. First, bad timing marred what was to have been his triumphant arrival in New Orleans on the second day of the Republican national convention. As his plane, Air Force Two, taxied to a halt at Belle Chasse Naval Air Station, he did not see an aide frantically signalling him not to disembark.
PTL finds a savior 3435

PTL finds a savior

The studio was once the most celebrated in TV evangelism. But last week, Vancouver real estate entrepreneur Peter Thomas found himself the main attraction in the cavernous South Carolina auditorium that was once the electronic pulpit of disgraced PTL TV evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker.
Polling the pollsters 3233

Polling the pollsters

Her plan is daring. Within four years, Linda Dyer, who owns and runs Baseline Market Research Ltd., a public opinion polling company in Fredericton, wants to be as well-known as any of the national pollsters who have vaulted into prominence in Canada during the past decade.


Dawn brought the order to move in. The target: Nicosia’s derelict Ayios Kassianios Church, a landmark of the demilitarized zone separating the Turkish and Greek populations on divided Cyprus. The day before, a dozen Turkish-Cypriot soldiers had occupied the building and raised a Turkish flag over it, violating the fragile ceasefire.
The signs of Liberal life in the West 1819

The signs of Liberal life in the West

A long with virtually every other Liberal in Western Canada, David Walker knows what it is like to labor in the political wilderness. A Winnipeg resident since 1974, Walker has campaigned for his party in that city in each of the past three federal elections.
Crackdown on corporate culprits 8b9

Crackdown on corporate culprits

It was appropriate that just days before the second anniversary of Canada’s tough new Competition Act on June 19, courts in two provinces handed down huge fines for rigging bids. Four commercial printing giants, Moore Corp. Ltd. and Southam Printing Ltd. of Toronto, R. L. Crain Inc. of Ottawa and Lawson Business Forms (Manitoba) Ltd. of Winnipeg, were each fined $400,000 by the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench for rigging bids to supply business forms to two Saskatchewan government agencies in 1980 and 1981.
Saved by jazz and Creole comedy 5657

Saved by jazz and Creole comedy

What only the water-bound portions of Canada realize is that politics can be abided only when it is fun. The folk in British California, home of Wacky Bennett and Phlying Phili Gaglardi and now Bill Vander Slam, have long recognized that: if you have to put up with the lies and flimflam, you might as well get a little burlesque to go along with it.
The Reichmanns strike again 3839

The Reichmanns strike again

The audacious Canary Wharf project, pulled into existence by the Reichmanns, gets its elevators this week. That contract, the largest in British history—for the United Kingdom’s tallest skyscraper—is a small part of one large-scale enterprise.
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