February 3, 1997


FAREWELL Britannia

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Young and dangerous

FAREWELL Britannia 2829

FAREWELL Britannia

Hong Kong faces an identity crisis as its handoveo China looms
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The Mail

The Mail

Revenge or justice?
Young and dangerous 2425

Young and dangerous

For 21 years, Sister Lesley Sacouman has been walking the same one-block stretch in north-central Winnipeg. The daily trek down Ross Avenue, from her home to Rossbrook House—a refuge for street kids she helped establish in 1976—has given the Roman Catholic nun an unfolding view of a neighborhood in social decay.
Public school shakeup 5859

Public school shakeup

To some, it heralded a decisive victory for fiscal sensibility and grassroots democracy. To others, it was a crushing defeat. But when Ontario Education Minister John Snobelen announced his plans to reduce the number of school boards in the province to 66 from 168 within the year, to slash the salaries of trustees by up to 90 per cent, and to give the province—rather than boards—the power to collect and spend education tax dollars, those on all sides agreed on one thing: Ontario, home to roughly one-third of the country’s students, has cast its lot with a revolution that is transforming Canadian public education.
Rumble in the jungle 3839

Rumble in the jungle

On Sept. 17 at 7:55 a.m., former U.S. president George Bush landed in the sleepy town of Elko, Nev., on a luxe Gulfstream jet owned by Barrick Gold Corp. of Toronto. The residents of Elko (population 35,000), who had only recently welcomed their first Wal-Mart and their second McDonald’s, had never seen anything like it.
Steady as she goes 1415

Steady as she goes

So, Greg Mills, this is your chance to play finance minister. The federal deficit is going down faster than expected: what should Ottawa do with the unexpected windfall? Mills, 38, is torn between options, his pent-up frustration with politicians seeping into each selection.
The politics of blood 2021

The politics of blood

Officials clash over replacing the Red Cross
New twists on old songs 6465

New twists on old songs

The first act of the Canadian Opera Company’s new production of Berlioz’s Béatrice et Bénédict concludes with a scene that is sheer perfection. On the night before her wedding, Héro (soprano Nancy Allen Lundy) and her companion Ursule (mezzo-soprano Anita Krause) sing the opera’s famous nocturne, a sensuous, melancholy duet in which Héro bids adieu to her girlhood and confronts the uncertainty ahead.
A new 'opening' 3435

A new 'opening'

El Presidente was clearly in an expansive mood when he showed up unexpectedly for lunch at the Canadian ambassador’s residence in Havana last week. Fidel Castro, Cuba’s leader-forlife, held forth on everything from cooking and gardening to Canadian unity and the American embargo of his country.
Opening Notes 1213
Opening Notes

Opening Notes

Ready, set, run to the polls
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