June 9, 1997

Demanding Justice 4445

Demanding Justice

Why Edgar Bronfman took on the Swiss banks
Distinct Societies 1617

Distinct Societies

The election leaves the nation splintered a never before
Unheeded Warnings 2223

Unheeded Warnings

How the Liberals squandered their lead
The Essential Internet Guide 4242_1

The Essential Internet Guide

Wiring Big Business into the New Millennium
Passion for the past 7879

Passion for the past

Christopher Newton—actor, gardener, history buff and artistic director of Ontario’s Shaw Festival—sips tea at his kitchen table, telling a visitor about the human skeleton exhumed several years ago from the grounds of his cottage in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a two-hour drive south of Toronto.
A miraculous season 8283

A miraculous season

Lightning, they say, never hits the same spot twice. But late last month at Ontario’s Shaw Festival, it struck six times. Six new shows premièred to launch the festival’s new season, and every one of them is excellent. The odds against this happening, at any theatre festival, anywhere, are extraordinarily high.
Just Not Good Enough 26_427

Just Not Good Enough

Panelists say campaigns need less hype, more substance
Stalled on the launchpad 5253

Stalled on the launchpad

Canada's satellite-TV business stmggles to get off the ground
Sex, lies and the President 3839

Sex, lies and the President

Clinton faces new woes over an embarrassing lawsuit
History's hostage 6869

History's hostage

A Chinese defector’s life in Canada is bittersweet
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